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Newly Added Essential Oil Book Reviews

This page features the essential oil book reviews that have been added to AromaWeb recently. Visit AromaWeb's Book Review Main Page to access a categorized list of all 70+ book reviews available on AromaWeb.

Book Cover for Australian Essential Oil Profiles

Australian Essential Oil Profiles
Author: Deby Atterby
As the title indicates, Australian Essential Oil Profiles focuses extensively on Australian essential oil profiles. Deby Atterby also provides a solid overview of Australian carrier oils, extracts and other materials produced from Australian botanicals. The history of Australian essential oils, bush medicine, distillation, safety and other relevant topics are also covered. Australian Essential Oil Profiles is well organized, beautifully formatted and is richly supplemented with numerous charts and full color botanical photos.

Book Cover for Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health

Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health
Author: Pam Conrad
Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health by Pam Conrad provides a clear, evidenced-based foundation for choosing essential oils and selecting best methods of use for supporting mental health.

Book Cover for Faith and the Fragrance Fairy

Faith and the Fragrance Fairy
Author: Gina Flores
Embellished with adorable color illustrations, Faith and the Fragrance Fairy presents a sweet and magical tale of a girl's eagerness to return flowers, plants, and nature back to her bleak, gloomy and polluted city.

Book Cover for Harvest to Hydrosol

Harvest to Hydrosol Second Edition
Author: Ann Harman
The long anticipated second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol is now available. Harvest to Hydrosol is written by one of the most experienced and respected hydrosol distillers in the world. Author Ann Harman provides an enlightening and extensive resource that teaches all about hydrosols, their history and the world of hydrosol distillation.

Book Cover for Essential Oils - A Concise Manual

Essential Oils - A Concise Manual
Author: Nikki Darrell
Nikki Darrell has accomplished a tremendous feat by covering a large number of essential oil topics in less than 200 pages.

Book Cover for Healing with Flowers

Healing with Flowers
Author: Anne McIntyre
Exploding with beautiful floral photography, Healing with Flowers by Anne McIntyre offers an intriguing overview of the utilization of flowering plants for medicinal applications. (This is not an essential oil or aromatherapy specific book.)

Book Cover for Working with Unusual Oils

Working with Unusual Oils
Author: Helen Nagle-Smith
Within Working with Unusual Oils, Clinical Aromatherapist and author Helen Nagle-Smith intimately explores 18 unique, special essential oils that are not widely discussed in other reputable essential oil and aromatherapy books.

Book Cover for The Carrier Oil Palette

Carrier Oil Palette, The
Authors: Jade Shutes & Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach
The Carrier Oil Palette is a must-have book for understanding the composition of carrier oils, their benefits within aromatherapy and personal care applications and the difference between many of the carrier oils that are available.

Book Cover for The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition Volume 3 - Psyche and Subtle by Salvatore Battaglia

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition Volume 3 - Psyche and Subtle
Author: Salvatore Battaglia
At long last, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Edition 3 Volume III - Psyche & Subtle has been published with great anticipation by many within the global aromatherapy community. Given Salvatore Battaglia's impressive background and passion for essential oils, Sal is uniquely qualified to lead our journey into more deeply understanding the subtle, spirtual benefits and applications for essential oils.

Book Cover for Aromatherapy and Chakras by Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatherapy and Chakras: Balancing Your Body's Energy Centers for Optimal Health and Wellbeing
Author: Salvatore Battaglia
Within Aromatherapy and Chakras, aromatherapy educator and author Salvatore Battaglia offers us a solid foundation into the origins of the chakras. He includes a detailed section for each chakra and he explores how essential oils can be used for chakra balancing.

Book Cover for Aromatree by Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatree: A Holistic Guide to Understanding and Using Aromatherapy
Author: Salvatore Battaglia
Authored by the highly respected aromatherapist, educator and essential oil expert Salvatore Battaglia, Aromatree explores the beneficial relationships that exist between individual essential oils and the different parts of a plant that they are derived from.

Book Cover for Essential Oils Third Edition: A Comprehensive Handbook for Aromatic Therapy

Essential Oils Third Edition: A Comprehensive Handbook for Aromatic Therapy
Author: Jennifer Peace Rhind
Within this third edition of Essential Oils, author Jennifer Peace Rhind has outdone herself. Compared to the second edition, this updated edition is at least double in size and is well referenced.

Book Cover for Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications, Third Edition

Handbook of Essential Oils: Science, Technology, and Applications, Third Edition
Editors: K. Husnu Can Baser; Gerhard Buchbauer
The Handbook of Essential Oils is a vast compilation of 33 chapters, written and presented by experts within their respective fields. This impressive, well-referenced, 1,120-page publication covers a great deal of ground surrounding the history, chemistry, production, applications, storage and marketing of essential oils.

Book Cover for Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition

Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition
Author: Marcel Lavabre
The Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition is a 256-page fresh, contemporary update of Marcel Lavabre's remarkable essential oil guide. In addition to updates to the text itself, the layout now includes numerous beautiful color photos.

Book Cover for Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide

The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide
Author: KG Stiles, BA, CBT, CBP, LMT
The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide is a perfect introduction for those new to working with essential oils, and it also offers many gems for those who are much further along on their essential oil journey. This gorgeous 464-page book contains 40 profiles, 250 recipes and is meticulously laid out with 300 color photographs that beautifully complement the pages.

Book Cover for Essential Oils for the Whole Body

Essential Oils for the Whole Body: The Dynamics of Topical Application and Absorption
Author: Heather Dawn Godfrey, PGCE, BSc
Enriched with numerous tables, charts and color photographs, Essential Oils for the Whole Body is a comprehensive essential oil guide that is well suited for those who are new to using essential oils and also serves as a helpful reference for practitioners and those with a more advanced background.

Book Cover for Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin

Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin
Author: Steffen Arctander
Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin is an excellent book to utilize for learning more about the scent profiles and background details of various essential oils, absolutes and other aromatic materials that are derived from plant and animal materials.

Book Cover for Aromatica Volume 2

Aromatica Volume 2: A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics, Applications and Profiles
Author: Peter Holmes LAc, MH
Aromatica Volume 2 provides an insightful look at essential oil uses and delivery methods, clinical use of essential oils and an intriguing perspective regarding the vitalistic and analytical approaches to the use of essential oils is presented. It also features an enormous 403-page Materia Aromatica section that includes detailed profiles for 42 essential oils

Book Cover for Hydrosol Therapy

Hydrosol Therapy: A Handbook for Aromatherapists and Other Practitioners
Author: Lydia Bosson
Hydrosol Therapy is a beautiful book for those looking to expand their knowledge of the therapeutic uses, culinary suggestions and energetic applications for over 45 hydrosols.

Book Cover for Women's Health Aromatherapy

Women's Health Aromatherapy
Author: Pam Conrad
Women's Health Aromatherapy is a must-have guide and educational resource written especially for nurses and practitioners that desire to effectively and safely utilize aromatherapy to support women's health. Well organized and clearly written, it is also helpful and suitable for reading by non-professionals.

Book Cover for Aromatherapy for Menopause Success

Aromatherapy for Menopause Success
Author: Angela Sidlo
Angela Sidlo has prepared a book that focuses upon the use of essential oils to help support fluctuating hormones and the symptoms/challenges that women face during peri/menopause. What a helpful book and resource this is for those of us facing this special stage in our lives.


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