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Harvest to Hydrosol Second Edition

Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home

Book Cover for Harvest to Hydrosol Second Edition

Harvest to Hydrosol Second Edition
Author: Ann Harman
Publisher: Iag Botanics LLC
Copyright: 2023
ISBN: 0991385926 / 978-0991385928
Pages: 332

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The long anticipated second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol is now available. It has been a delight and an incredible education to read through the pages of this invaluable resource.

With 30 years of distillation experience, the second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol is written by one of the most experienced and respected hydrosol distillers in the world. Author Ann Harman provides an enlightening and thorough introduction and background into hydrosols and the world of hydrosol distillation.

Harvest to Hydrosol is beautifully designed and presented and is loaded with lovely color photos, illustrations, quotations and tables. Ann's writing style is easy-to-read, friendly and enlightening.

Ann Harman's knowledge and passion for hydrosols and hydrosol distillation shines through both editions of Harvest to Hydrosol. It is clear that Annie possesses a genuine love of helping others learn the art and science of distillation. She put the same attention to detail into the content and presentation for the second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol as she puts into the distillation of her precious hydrosols.

While Harvest to Hydrosol is written primarily for those interested in actively pursuing the distillation of hydrosols, it should be an absolute must-have addition to the libraries of everyone that sells, utilizes, studies and educates others about these precious waters.

After reading the second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol, you will possess a much deeper and thorough understanding and appreciation for hydrosols and their distillation.

The second edition is loaded with additional content and details making it well worth the investment even if you have already read the first edition.

The text from the back of Harvest to Hydrosol and the full table of contents are shown below. What may not be entirely evident from the Table of Contents, and thus I want to specifically mention it here, is that Chapter 15 provides profiles of 20 hydrosols, organized by plant family. The profiles are brief but are packed with details on cultivation, recommended harvest time, recommended type of distillation and likely components/constituents of the resulting hydrosol. Additionally, the appendix contains composition summaries of the primary volatile components for numerous hydrosols.

About the Author (From Back Cover of Harvest to Hydrosol)

Ann Harman is an organic farmer, herbalist, educator, and distiller; she has been distilling hydrosols for thirty years. She loves sharing her knowledge of the world of distillation and hydrosols; she teaches both online courses and hands on workshops. When not in the garden she may be found lecturing internationally on her hydrosol research.

Additional Information Included on the Back Cover

As a Distiller ~ You are responsible for everything that goes into your still ~ And everything that comes out of your still

Informed by her thirty years of experience as an artisan distiller, Harvest to Hydrosol empowers and encourages individuals on the distillation journey to responsibly craft pure, exquisite hydrosols. Grounded in science, fueled by passion, infused with curiosity, Harvest to Hydrosol serves as an inspired, thoughtful guide offering breadth and depth to everyone on the distillation journey.

In this revised second edition, Ann Harman updates her original work with additional insights, advice, wisdom, and experience gleaned in the eight years since the first book's release. Packed with over sixty-face pages of new information (including key changes she's made to her own best practices since 2015), Harvest to Hydrosol's second edition expands on the original book's thorough approach with up-to-date personal and professional observations.

The expanded and updated second edition of Harvest to Hydrosol offers:

  • Easy to follow Over 150 of photos, tables, and diagrams
  • Support for troubleshooting distillation challenges and the key details you need to double-check to ensure a safe, successful, distillation
  • Engages the senses - the role of smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch- in conducting successful distillations
  • Responsible best practices that protect the integrity of your hydrosols

Harvest to Hydrosol is a unique book which includes the proven practices of the author, including research conducted by the author's organization, the Circle H Institute.

Packed with a wealth of research and personal expertise, Harvest to Hydrosol leads you on a practical and mystical journey of a plant's transformation into a hydrosol. Ann Harman uses her years of experience as an artisan distiller, farmer, and botanist, to guide you in how to easily and expertly distill your own hydrosols.

Table of Contents for the Second Edition of Harvest to Hydrosol

  • Section 1: The Act of Distilling
    • Chapter 1: Distilling Exquisite Hydrosols
      • Distillation
      • What's in a Name?
      • Summary
    • Chapter 2: Distillation, Antiquity to Modern Times
      • Antiquity
      • Adaptations
      • Modern Condensers
      • Summary
    • Chapter 3: Hydrosols as the Primary Product
      • Primary, Secondary and Waste Products
      • Still Note
      • Industrial Products
      • Summary
    • Chapter 4: First Things First
      • Why Do You Want to Distill?
      • What is Your Product?
      • Choosing Your Still
      • Setting Up Your Space
      • Maintenance
      • Summary
    • Chapter 5: Let's Get Started
      • Types of Distillation
      • Co-Distillations
      • Ratios
      • Fresh Not Dry
      • Packing the Still
      • Checking Your Work
      • Sealing the Joints
      • Sanitizing for Hydrosol Distillation
      • Flight Check
      • Propane Gas Safety
      • Fire Up
      • Yields
      • Proper Condensing
      • Summary
    • Chapter 6: Nuts and Bolts
      • Milky, Clear and Colored
      • Essential Oil and Hydrosol Layers
      • Volatile Organic Components
      • Data and Labeling
      • Summary
    • Chapter 7: Testing and Analyses
      • Microbiology
      • GC-MS and/or GC-FID Analyses
      • Testing for Heavy Metals
      • Pesticides
      • Visible Solids
      • Copper Precipitate
      • Care and Storage
      • Summary
    • Chapter 8: pH and Hydrosols
      • Testing the pH
      • pH Meters
      • pH Ranges
      • Summary
  • Section 2: The Art of Distilling
    • Chapter 9: Using All of Your Senses
      • Plant's Perfume - Sense of Smell
      • Observation - Sense of Sight
      • Drinking the Plants - Sense of Taste
      • The "Stills Sing" - Sense of Hearing
      • Petting the Still - Sense of Touch
      • Timing is Everything - Intuition
      • Summary
    • Chapter 10: The Water
      • Sacred Water, Ancient Wisdom
      • Living Water
      • Anomalies of Water
      • Phases of Water
      • Natural Flow
      • Intention
      • Summary
    • Chapter 11: The Botanicals
      • Know What You are Distilling!
      • Botanical Nomenclature, the Science of Classification
      • Botanical Ranking
      • Chemotypes
      • Plant Part
      • Harvest Timing
      • Summary
    • Chapter 12: The Copper
      • Distilling with Copper
      • Copper as a Preservative
      • Copper Toxicity
      • Summary
    • Chapter 13: The Alchemist
      • Summary
    • Chapter 14: Distilling Responsibly
      • The Four Pillars
      • Know Your Plants
      • Know Your Equipment
      • Know Your Product
      • Know Yourself
      • Summary
    • Chapter 15: The Stillroom
      • Apiaceae: The Carrot Family
      • Asteraceae: The Composite Family
      • Geraniaceae: The Geranium Family
      • Lamiaceade: The Mint Family
      • Lauraceae: The Laurel Family
      • Pinaceae: The Pine Family
      • Rutaceae: The Citrus Family
    • Chapter 16: Buying and Using Hydrosols
      • Purchasing Hydrosols, Educated Consumer
      • Favorite Uses
      • Summary
  • Appendix
    • Apiaceae
    • Asteraceae
    • Burseraceae
    • Cistaceae
    • Cucurbitaceae
    • Cupressaceae
    • Geraniaceae
    • Lamiaceae
    • Lauraceae
    • Myricaceae
    • Pinaceae
    • Poaceae
    • Rasaceae
    • Rutaceae
    • Verbenaceae
    • Viburnaceae
    • Zingiberaceae
  • References
  • Additional Reading
  • Plant Index
  • Index

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