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Aromatherapy and Chakras

Balancing Your Body's Energy Centers for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Book Cover for Aromatherapy and Chakras by Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatherapy and Chakras
Author: Salvatore Battaglia
Publisher: Black Pepper Creative Pty Ltd
Copyright: 2020
ISBN: 064826064X / 978-0648260646
Pages: 250

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Within Aromatherapy and Chakras, aromatherapy educator and author Salvatore Battaglia offers us a solid foundation into the origins of the chakras. He includes a detailed section for each chakra and he explores how essential oils can be used for chakra balancing. As you may know if you've read any of Salvatore Battaglia's other aromatherapy books, Sal's writing style is comfortable, personable and easy to grasp.

Aromatherapy and Chakras is a work of art in itself. This lovely hard cover book is beautifully laid out with ample color illustrations and photos. The organization of the book, font size and other thoughtful details enhance the learning experience and make the book an even greater pleasure to read.

Each individual chakra chapter in Part 3 includes the following details (since these sections aren't included in the Table of Contents, I'll outline them here):

  • Symbol
  • Poem by Marzena Skowronska
  • Sanksrit Name
  • Purpose
  • Color
  • Location
  • Element
  • Physical Association
  • Psychospiritual Information
  • Traditional Symbology
  • Archetype
  • Challenges
  • Behavioral Characteristics
  • Health Issues
  • Essential Oils for the Chakra
  • Aromatherapy Blends
  • Questions for Self Examination
  • Activities to Strengthen the Chakra
  • Affirmations

From the Back Cover

The aromatherapy and chakras workshop that I have been teaching for over 20 years has always been my most popular workshop. It is an excellent way to incorporate my passion for essential oils within a holistic framework to promote personal and spiritual growth.

Many of us are aware of chakras and have some understanding of how they influence our wellbeing; however, the origins of chakras are shrouded in mystery.

In Aromatherapy and Chakras - balancing your body's energy centers for optimal health and wellbeing, I will demystify the origins of the chakras. I share with you my personal journey into the chakras and provide you with my interpretation of how we can use chakras to reconnect our body, mind and spirit. I hope that this book provides you with insight to use essential oils within a holistic framework of the Western concept of chakras as psycho-energetic centers and energy medicine.

I introduce you to the principles of subtle therapies and energy medicine. We examine the scientific evidence for the existence of chakras and review the results of a study that confirms the relationship between the chakras and essential oils. We examine how modern Western psychology and transpersonal psychologists are using chakras to provide us with a more holistic framework of understanding human consciousness.

We examine each of the major seven chakras in detail, examining the influence that each chakra has on our psyche and wellbeing, what to expect when the chakra is balanced or not balanced, and most importantly, strategies to keep the chakras balanced using essential oils.

Table of Contents for Aromatherapy and Chakras

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by Jennifer Jefferies
  • Introduction
    • Why are chakras so popular?
    • Are we losing our humanity?
    • My personal journey
    • The need for new sciences
  • Part 1: Energy, subtle bodies and subtle therapies
    • Defining energy medicine
    • Defining energy
    • Energy systems of the human body
    • The future of medicine is energy
    • Subtle therapies
  • Part 2: A brief overview of chakras
    • The 'true' history of chakras
    • Eastern Chakra System
    • Western Chakra System
    • The relationship between chakras and physical anatomy
    • Chakras and Consciousness
    • Chakras and lifespan development
    • Chakras, yoga and meditation
    • Chakras and the human biofield
  • Part 3: The chakras
    • Base chakra
    • Sacral chakra
    • Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Heart Chakra
    • Throat chakra
    • Third Eye Chakra
    • Crown Chakra
  • Part 4: Chakra healing
    • Chakra imbalances
    • How to balance your chakras
    • How to use essential oils to balance the chakras
    • Afterword
  • Part 5: Resources
    • Glossary
    • Potions to keep your chakras balanced
    • Books by Sal
    • Stay inspired
  • References
  • Statement to readers
  • Image credits
  • Inspiration behind the chakra collage
  • About the poems
  • Index

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