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Aromatherapy Workbook Updated 30th Anniversary Edition by Marcel Lavabre

Cover of The Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition

Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition
Author: Marcel Lavabre
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Copyright: 2020 (3oth Anniversary Edition)
Pages: 256
ISBN: 1644110709 / 978-1644110706

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The Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition is a 256-page fresh, contemporary update of Marcel Lavabre's remarkable essential oil guide. In addition to updates to the text itself, the layout now includes numerous beautiful color photos.

The Aromatherapy Workbook 30th Anniversary Edition provides a very strong overview and introduction to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. However, it doesn't offer the level of safety information and precautions that I prefer to see in a guide such as this. Therefore, I suggest this book be used as an important, enlightening complement to essential oil books that do provide reliable, detailed safety and essential oil profile information.

From the Back Cover

Updated throughout with recent research and the latest developments in the use of essential oils, this 30th-anniversary edition of Marcel Lavabre's classic Aromatherapy Workbook provides the most comprehensive practical guide to the history, folklore, science, and art of aromatherapy available today.

Examining the origins and applications of aromatics, from the mythical Queen of Sheba to Rene-Maurice Gatefosse, the author traces the medical, alchemical, and spiritual development of this healing art from classical civilizations up to the present. He explains the mysteries of the olfactory system and how this most ancient sensory system affects our moods, our emotions, and our sexuality. Illustrating the biochemistry of essential oils and how they work on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, he explores more than 70 essential oils classified by botanical family, with detailed discussions of their specific actions. He shows how to use appropriate plant essences for beautifying, cleansing, and healing the body, as well as in massage, aromatic baths, ritual, and spiritual practice. He also addresses the controversy surrounding different methods of administration and explores in depth the benefits, risks, and safety guidelines for each technique.

Addressing the fundamental issues of purity and quality, the author discusses the various methods of extraction in detail and includes a special section devoted to the art of blending. He offers specific formulas for common disorders such as digestive and circulatory ailments, headaches, insomnia, and menstrual and sexual problems. Lavabre also includes extensive reference tables to provide the reader with concise information on each essential oil and its therapeutic uses.

This full-color illustrated revised edition offers a perfect step-by-step guide for beginners as well as an ongoing reference for practicing aromatherapists.

About the Author (From the Back Cover)

Marcel Lavabre was born in the lavender fields of southern France and since 1974 has been studying every aspect of aromatherapy production. He was the founder and president of Aroma Vera, one of the leading and most respected aromatherapy companies in the United States during the 1990s. Cofounder of the American Aromatherapy Association, he has given lectures and workshops all over the world. He lives in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Table of Contents for the 30th Anniversary Edition of the Aromatherapy Workbook

  • Preface to the 30th Anniversary Addition
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • One: Aromatics and Perfumes in History
  • Two: Aromatherapy: A Multilevel Therapy
  • Three: Essential Oils: Extraction and Adulteration
  • Four: The Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Five: Principles of Aromatherapy: How Essential Oils Work
  • Six: Comparative Study of Modes of Administration: Benefits, Risks, Applications, and Contrainidications
  • Seven: The Use of Essential Oils for Health, Beauty, and Well-Being
  • Eight: Essential oil Classifications
  • Nine: The Essential Oils in Botanical Families
  • Ten: Aromatic Choreography: The Art and Science of Aromatic Composition
  • Appendix I: Essential Oil Reference Table
  • Appendix II: Aromatherapy Therapeutic Index
  • Appendix III: Resource Guide
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index of Essential Oils
  • Index

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