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The Carrier Oil Palette

Fixed Oils, Butters, Herbal Oils, and CO2 Extracts of the Carrier Oil Palette

Book Cover for The Carrier Oil Palette

The Carrier Oil Palette
Authors: Jade Shutes & Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach
Publisher: The School for Aromatic Studies
Copyright: 2022
ISBN: 1737233169 / 978-1737233169
Pages: 229

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Carrier Oils, also known as vegetable oils, base oils, fixed oils and fatty oils, play an important part within holistic aromatherapy and in personal care applications.

The Carrier Oil Palette by Jade Shutes & Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach is a must-have book for understanding the composition of carrier oils, their benefits within aromatherapy and personal care applications and the difference between the carrier oils that are available.

Full of color photography, illustration, charts, extensive references support the invaluable information throughout the book's 229 pages. It includes a very helpful index.

The Carrier Oil Palette is the most well organized, and aesthetically appealing book covering carrier oils that I have come across in over a decade.

The authors provide extensive profiles and details for 50 carriers. They categorize them into these groups:

  • 11 Core Carrier Oils
  • 15 Enhancer Carrier Oils
  • 7 Herbal (Infused) Oils
  • 10 Vegetable Butters
  • 8 CO2 Extracts Used as Fixed or Herbal Oils

In addition to detailed carrier oil profiles covered in parts 3-6 of the book, Part One of The Carrier Oil Palette provides an extensive overview to the production, composition and chemistry of carrier oils. Part Two delves into the anatomy of the skin and the benefits of carrier oils. Ample appendices support the information for all parts of the book.

From the Back Cover of The Carrier Oil Palette by Jade Shutes & Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach:

The Carrier Oil Palette covers fixed oils, butters, herbal oils, and CO2 extracts used in aromatherapy, herbal practice, and botanical body care formulation. The book provides an overview of the chemistry of carrier oils as well as the role lipids have in supporting the health of the skin. It explains the principles behind carrier oil storage and the use of additional antioxidant ingredients. It also discusses sustainability concerns and suggests approaches for addressing these concerns.

The strength of this book lies in the up-to-date research it provides in its monographs on twenty-six fixed oils, seven herbal oils, ten natural butters, and eight fixed oil and herbal CO2 extracts. These monographs describe the therapeutic benefits of topical carrier oils applications to the skin and other body systems as well as recommendations for product formulation. An extensive list of references supports this in-depth research. The information is also summarized in numerous tables and appendices for easy reference.

As respected aromatherapists and herbalists, the authors understand the complexities and challenges of developing safe, effective phytotherapy blends and products. They have written this book for all readers, including charts and lists to make the information approachable.

Whether you develop aromatherapy and herbal products for your family or professional practice, this unique, easy-to-use book will guide you to selecting carrier oils to target any type of skin concern for all ages and conditions, as well as address multiple concerns for other body systems. The Carrier Oil Palette will become a keystone in your essential oil or herbal library as a much-loved and well-used reference.

About the Authors (From the Inside Front of Book)

Jade Shutes, BA, Dipl. AT., Herbalist, CCA

Jade Shutes is an aromatherapist, herbalist, writer, researcher, aromatic and medicinal plants gardener, and an aromatic distiller. She holds a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and Reflexology from the Raworth College of Natural Medicine in Dorking, UK, and a Diploma in Aromatherapy from the International Therapist Examining board (ITEC). She also holds certificates in herbal medicine.

Jade is the founder of the School for Aromatic Studies (aromaticstudies.com). She has also served two highly successful and rewarding terms as NAHA President (2000-2003 and 2013-2015) and was pivotal in setting educational standards for aromatherapy education. She is the author of Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers.

Jade is currently the steward of 70 acres of land in Virginia, Yarrow Mtn. Farm, where she offers distillation, botanical body care, and aromatherapy retreats. She also offers transformational retreats for women.

Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach, B.A., MSc., CCA

Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach has always been fascinated by the natural world and the miraculous complexities of both the human body and ecological systems. With her academic degrees in biology and science education, it was natural that phytotherapy would become a vital part of her life after she retired from a 24-year career as a K-12 public school math and science teacher. Sherilyn completed the clinical level Scholars Program at Aromahead Institute and is a professional member of both the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.

She shares her love of herbs and essential oils with her extended family (4 generations) and friends. Her clinical aromatherapy practice, Golden Heart Essentials, has included consulting and providing education for hospice programs, as well as teaching, writing, and editing for online phytotherapy academies.

In her continuing studies, Sherilyn seeks out the best ways to combine herbs and essential oils to support a holistic approach to wellness. Sherilyn’s lifelong passions for learning and sharing continue to take her down new, exciting paths every day.

Table of Contents for The Carrier Oil Palette

  • Part One: About Carrier Oils
    • About Carrier Oils
    • Therapeutic Benefits of Oils
    • Carrier Oil Production
    • How Refining Affects Quality
    • The Chemistry of Carrier Oils
    • Major Components of Carrier Oils
    • Fatty Acid Naming Conventions
    • Fatty Acid Chart
    • Saturated Fatty Acids
    • Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
    • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
    • Minor Components of Carrier Oils
    • Minor Components Chart
    • Fat-soluble Vitamins and Nutrients Found in Carrier Oils
    • Fats vs. Oils
  • Part Two: Lipids and the Skin
    • Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin
    • Skin Ecology: Layers of Protection
    • The Dermal Microbiome
    • Sebaceous Glands, Sebum, and the Dermal Microbiome
    • The Skin’s Acid Mantle
    • The Skin’s Barrier Function
    • Transepidermal Water Loss and the Natural Moisturizing Factor
    • Fatty Acids and the Skin
    • Moisturizers and Skin Barrier Repair
  • Part Three: The Core Carrier Oils
    • The Core Carrier Oils
    • Carrier Oil Storage
    • Almond, Sweet
    • Apricot
    • Argan
    • Baobab
    • Camelina
    • Jojoba
    • Marula
    • Olive
    • Safflower
    • Sesame
    • Sunflower
  • Part Four: The Enhancer Carrier Oils
    • The Enhancer Carrier Oils
    • About Antioxidants
    • Cold-Pressed Oils vs. CO2 Extracts
    • Avocado
    • Black Cumin
    • Borage
    • Castor
    • Evening Primrose
    • Hemp
    • Meadowfoam
    • Neem
    • Pomegranate
    • Pumpkin
    • Raspberry
    • Rose (Rosehip)
    • Sacha Inchi
    • Sea Buckthorn
      • Sea Buckthorn (seed)
      • Sea Buckthorn (pulp)
    • Tamanu
  • Part Five: The Herbal Oils
    • The Herbal Oils
    • How to Make an Herbal Oil
    • Arnica
    • Calendula
    • Carrot
    • Chickweed
    • Comfrey
    • Cottonwood
    • St. John’s Wort
  • Part Six: The Butters
    • The Butters
    • Babassu
    • Cocoa Butter
    • Fractionated Coconut Oil
    • Cupuacu
    • Kokum
    • Kombo
    • Kpangnan
    • Mango
    • Palm (kernel)
    • Shea
  • Appendices
    • Core and Enhancer Carrier Oil Charts
    • Sustainability and Zero Waste
    • Limited Glossary of Terms
    • Shelf Lives of Fixed Oils and Butters
    • Fixed Oils with >20% Essential Fatty Acids
    • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    • Omega-6 Fatty Acids
    • Omega-9 Fatty Acids
    • Oleic Acid (Omega-9) Content >50%
    • Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) Content >50%
    • Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) Content >25%
    • Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Omega-6) Content >10%
    • Oils with Notable Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio
    • Sources of Less Common Fatty Acids and Influential Compounds
    • Oils High in Medium Chain (C8-C12) Fatty Acids
    • Oils High in Very Long Chain (C20-C22) Fatty Acids
    • Significant Sources of Carotenoids /li>
    • Tocopherol Content >1700mg/kg
    • Carrier Oils High in Squalene
    • Sterol Content >3000 mg/kg
    • Oils That Can Extend the Shelf Life of Other Oils
    • Top Recommended Base Oils for Herbal Infusions
    • Carrier Oils for Wound Healing or Skin Regeneration
    • Oil-Bearing Plant Botanical Families
  • References, Image Credits, and Index
    • References
    • Image Credits
    • Index

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