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Hydrosol Information

Hydrosols (Hydrolats / Distillate Waters)

Hydrosols are typically more gentle than essential oils. Learn all about these wonderful aromatic waters, their amazing benefits and what to watch out for when shopping for hydrosols.

Learn how to properly store hydrosols and about what can affect the shelf life of your hydrosols.

This article includes an extensive list of ways that you can enjoy using hydrosols for aromatic and therapeutic benefit.

Although hydrosols are water-based and are far less concentrated than essential oils, it is prudent to treat hydrosols with respect and follow sensible safety precautions. Read these guidelines for more information.

Hydrosol Profiles

Cucumber Hydrosol

View Hydrosol Profiles Alphabetized by Botanical Name

View Hydrosol Profiles Alphabetized by Botanical Name

Important Information

The hydrosol information and safety precautions provided within this area are intended for educational purposes only. The data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

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