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Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber hydrosol is a perfect summertime hydrosol for cooling and refreshing the body. It is a wonderful "introductory" hydrosol for those that are new to working with pure aromatic waters.

I love using Cucumber Hydrosol as the wetting agent when I make facial masks using french green and other cosmetic clays. They pair so nicely together.

The aroma of a pure Cucumber Hydrosol is light, and it is reminiscent to the aroma one experiences when cutting up a fresh cucumber. Don't expect the aroma of true Cucumber Distillate to be as strong as synthetic cucumber fragrance/flower waters.

Botanical Name

Cucumis sativus

Aromatic Strength


Shelf Life

Up to 2 years if stored properly (refrigeration is recommended).

Reported Properties, Uses and Applications

Marge Clark of Nature's Gift reports that Cucumber Hydrosol is especially cooling and is useful as a body spray and as a compress for tired eyes.

Safety Information

Read AromaWeb's Hydrosol Safety Guidelines.

Helpful Sources of Information About Cucumber Hydrosol

Book Cover for Hydrosols, Hydrolats & Aromatic Waters

Essential Waters: Hydrosols, Hydrolats & Aromatic Waters
Author: Marge Clark

Book Cover for Aromatic Waters

Aromatic Waters: Therapeutic, Cosmetic, and Culinary Hydrosol Applications
Author: Amy Kreydin

The hydrosol information and safety precautions provided within this area are intended for educational purposes only. The data is not considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate.

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