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Grapefruit Hydrosol

Citrus paradisii

Grapefruit Hydrosol

Grapefruit Hydrosol is such a bright, happy uplifting aromatic water to work with. The aroma of Grapefruit Hydrosol is citrusy, tangy and sweet. It's aroma is refreshing and energizing like its essential oil counterpart.

Grapefruit Hydrosol isn't as commonly available because most Grapefruit Essential Oil that is commercially available is cold pressed, not distilled. As we know, most hydrosols on the market are a secondary product of essential oil distillation.

The best citrus hydrosols originate from experienced artisan distillers that use copper stills (that actually can hold true for most all hydrosols), so please keep that in mind when looking for grapefruit and other citrus hydrosols. Grapefruit Hydrosol is a beautifully aromatic and refreshing hydrosol when sourced from artisan distillers.

Botanical Name

Citrus paradisii

Aromatic Strength


Shelf Life

Up to 2 years if stored properly (refrigeration is recommended).

Reported Properties, Uses and Applications

For topical applications, Marge Clark of Nature's Gift recommends using Grapefruit Hydrosol as a body splash, toner for oily skin and for use with oily hair.

Safety Information

Read AromaWeb's Hydrosol Safety Guidelines.

The hydrosol information and safety precautions provided within this area are intended for educational purposes only. Neither AromaWeb, LLC nor its founder take responsibility for how you use the information provided.

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