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Essential Oils for Men

Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Bay, Cypress, Ginger, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Vetiver, and the citrus oils are oils that tend to be preferred by men.

Below is an expanded list of essential oils that are generally considered favorites amongst men. This is not necessarily an all-inclusive list, and we each, regardless of gender, have our own unique preferences.

This list does not include any of the floral essential oils, but many men do enjoy the aroma and therapeutic benefits of some of the florals, particularly lavender, neroli and jasmine. When blended with other essential oils, floral essential oils can be toned down and can be a wonderful addition to a blend.

This list was prepared in response to inquiries I've had from men new to working with essential oils. They wanted such a list to use as a starting point. By including this list on AromaWeb, I'm not trying to be stereotypical, and I'm certainly not trying to say that men should only use the essential oils listed here. Not at all!

Essential Oils Typically Preferred by Men

Earthy / Spicy / Sporty/Woody / Masculine Essential Oils and Absolutes

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