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Aromatherapy Tips for Formulating Men's Blends and Other Masculine, Earthy Blends

Essential Oil Blending Tips for Men

This article is a part of AromaWeb's Aromatherapy Blending Guide. If you are not already familiar with blending for aromatic and therapeutic applications, be sure to use the links shown towards the bottom of this page to read the Aromatherapy Blending Guide.

For additional blending tips, refer to the blending guidelines offered in AromaWeb's Aromatherapy and Fragrancing Blending Guide.

Substitution Tips:

Essential Oil Blending Tips for Men

You may come upon recipes that frequently include floral oils. If you aren't partial to the aroma of floral essential oils, try substituting them with oils that you do enjoy. For instance, if a recipe calls for Rose Essential Oil, a middle note, try using a spice oil that is okay to use well diluted like Bay Essential Oil. Successful substitution is dependent on the nature of the recipe and the other oils in the blend, so keep the other oils in mind and the purpose of the blend when choosing substitute oils. However, don't be afraid to experiment in using floral oils. When successfully combined, floral essential oils can dramatically enhance blends formulated for men.

When substituting one oil for another, be sure to follow all safety guidelines and familiarize yourself with the oil(s) you wish to use and their appropriateness for the recipe that you are working with. In other words, don't substitute Lavender Essential Oil in a skin care blend with a dermal irritant like Clove Essential Oil. For more information on essential oil substitution, read AromaWeb's Substituting Oils article.

A Special Note About Masculine Essential Oils and Formulating for Men:

I hope this article serves as a helpful introductory guide. I had been continually asked by readers of AromaWeb for help in understanding what essential oils tend to be preferred by men, and I've also received questions pertaining to "masculine" aromas. However, I'd appreciate emphasizing that aromatic preferences are very personal, regardless of gender. Additionally, gender and masculinity vs/ femininity is highly fluid. We would be doing ourselves a huge disservice if we were to consider particular essential oils to be strictly "feminine" or "masculine" or consider particular essential oils to be only suitable for men or only suitable for women. Categorizing gender preferences in strictly black and white terms is not what this essential oil guide is intended to reflect.

Aromatherapy Blending Guide:

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