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Home Page > Aromatherapy Articles & Guides > Essential Oil Blending Guide > Aromatherapy Blending Tips for Men

Aromatherapy Tips for Formulating Men's Blends and Other Masculine/Earthy Blends

  • Aromatherapy Blending Tips for MenPatchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Bay, Cypress, Ginger, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Vetiver, and the citrus oils are the essential oils that are the most strongly favored by men. See the list of Essential Oils for Men located in the Essential Oil Profiles area for a more comprehensive list of favorite essential oils amongst men.

  • To make a masculine aromatic blend, experiment by adding minute quantities of Bay, Black Pepper, Ginger, Coriander, Nutmeg or other spice oils. Remember that the spice oils can be especially sensitizing to the skin and by their nature, their aroma is very strong, so use them sparingly.

  • Oakmoss Absolute is a subtle oil that has a wonderfully earthy aroma and acts as a fixative. It's a great oil to experiment with in blends for men. It could be a potential skin irritant, so use Oakmoss Absolute sparingly.

  • Remember to follow all safety precautions and learn about the contraindications for each essential oil.

  • Floral essential oils can be eliminated from blends intended to be more masculine. Men, however, are encouraged to also explore using floral essential oils in their creations. They can lift and balance an otherwise strong, harshly masculine or otherwise boring blend.

  • Citrus oils can help sweeten and lift the aroma of a blend.

For additional blending tips, refer to the blending guidelines offered in AromaWeb's Aromatherapy and Fragrancing Blending Guide.

Substitution Tips:

You may come upon recipes that frequently include floral oils. If you aren't partial to the aroma of floral essential oils, try substituting them with oils that you do enjoy. For instance, if a recipe calls for Rose Essential Oil, a middle note, try using a spice oil that is okay to use well diluted like Bay Essential Oil. Successful substitution is dependent on the nature of the recipe and the other oils in the blend, so keep the other oils in mind and the purpose of the blend when choosing substitute oils. However, don't be afraid to experiment in using floral oils within blends for men. When successfully combined, floral essential oils can dramatically enhance blends formulated for men.

When substituting one oil for another, be sure to follow all safety guidelines and familiarize yourself with the oil(s) you wish to use and their appropriateness for the recipe that you are working with. In other words, don't substitute Lavender Essential Oil in a skin care blend with a dermal irritant like Clove Essential Oil. For more information on essential oil substitution, read AromaWeb's Substituting Oils article.

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