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AromaWeb has been cited, referenced and/or reprinted (by express written permission only) in the following newspapers. Please note that AromaWeb does not endorse any of the below periodicals. AromaWeb makes no claims regarding the accuracy of information that is contained within the articles listed below.

The Arizona Republic
Phoenix, AZ
February 4, 2000
Scentsual Aromas Help Body, Spirit
Mesa/Apache Junction Community Section - Page 1
American Dreaming Column
Author: Jo-An Holstein, Special for The Republic

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA
September 16, 1999
Buyer's Edge Section - Page BE1
Author: Sabine Morrow, Staff

Austin American-Statesman
Austin, TX
April 30, 1999
Making Scents of Romance
Lifestyle Section - Page F6
Author: Ellen Creager, Detroit Free Press

The Beacon News
Aurora, IL
September 20, 2000
Consumer's Guide to Alternative Medicine
Your Life Section - Page D1

Detroit Free Press
Detroit, MI
February 9, 1999
Love Potion '99: Aromatherapy may Be the Way to a Person's Heart
Sci, Body & Mind Section - Page 8F
Author: Ellen Creager, Staff Writer

The Galveston County Daily News
Galveston, TX
January 30, 2005
Finding New Purpose In Smell
Lifestyle Section
Author: Rachel Hunter

Spartanburg, SC
March 21, 1999
Aromatherapy Makes Scents
Life Section - Page C1
Author: Matthew K. Pruitt, Staff

Joliet, IL
September 20, 2000
Consumer's Guide To Alternative Medicine... Eastern-oriented Treatments: Learn What Is Fact and What is Fiction
Lifestyle Section - Page D1

The Honolulu Star Advertiser
Honolulu, HI
August 13, 2005
Cool & Pampered
Island Life Section - Page 1E
Page: 1E
Author: Rath Paula

Houston Chronicle
Houston, TX
July 7, 2000
Hotlist Column
Technology Section - Page 2
Author: Staff

Journal and Courier
Lafayette, IN
July 30, 2002
Blending Beneficial Scents; Aromatherapy Uses Essential Plant Oils to Promote Psychological, Physical Well-being
Life Section - Page 5B
Author: Amy Patterson-Neubert, Staff Journal and Courier

The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, MO
November 22, 2004
Aromatherapy Smells Like Success; Oils And Fragrances Trigger Chemical Reactions In Our Bodies
Page E8
Author: Doug Worgul

The Medford Examiner
Medford, OR
December 11, 2010
Essential Oils to Boost Immunity
Author: Claire Glenn-Atteberry

The Miami Herald
Miami, FL
February 13, 1998
Cyberhelp: Internet Sites Answer Questions On Alternative Medicine
Living Section - Page 5F
Author: Penny McCrea, Herald Staff Writer

The News-Gazette
Champaign-Urbana, IL
October 9, 2007
Herbal Help
Page C-1

The Orlando Sentinel
Sentinel, FL
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
November 21, 1999
Web Sites Column
Author: Chris Cobbs, The Orlando Sentinel

The Post-Standard
Syracuse, NY
December 6, 2004
Health Notes Column: Pleasing Smells Can Help Mind and Body
CNY Section - Page D2
Author: Amber Smith, Health Notes

The Roanoke Times
Roanoke, VA
February 11, 2004
Metro Section - Page B2
News You Can Use Column: That's Amore! This Is, Too...
Author: Laurie Borslien

St. Louis Examiner
Medford, OR
February 5, 2009
Scenting a Room to Raise Your Spirits
Author: Loretta Snyder

San Jose Mercury News
San Jose, CA
January 30, 2005
The Mind-body Diet: Recognizing the Emotions That Spur Eating Can Help You Control Cravings and Lose Weight
Style Section: Page 1
Author: April Lynch, Mercury News

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, NM
February 13, 2005
The Sweet Smelling Allure of Aromatherapy
Focus Section - Page E-1
Author: Flo Barnes

Savannah Morning News
Savannah, GA
February 10, 2000
Scents And Sensibility: Aromatherapy Can Be Good For What Ails You, From Headaches to Stress
Accent Section - Page 1B
Author: Jaymi Freiden

Orange County, CA
March 30, 2006
Scents-ual Healing
Page F
Author: Erlina Tulabut

Elmira, NY
March 20, 2004
Flower Power: Blooms and Blossoms Can Ease The Body and The Mind
Health Section - Page 12E
Page: 12E
Author: Kathleen Costello, Staff

Elmira, NY
March 23, 2003
Find Relief or an Instant Lift From All-natural Aromas
Health Section - Page 4J
Author: Catherine White, Staff

Sunday News
Lancaster, PA
December 9, 2001
Stir Interest In Blended Oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Create One of Nature's Many Salves
Living Section - Page G-1

Telegraph Herald
Dubuque, IA
April 29, 2007
Section E - Page 7
Author: Megan Gloss

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