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Awards and Reviews

Below are the Web site awards and other noteworthy "cool site" type reviews and kudos that AromaWeb has received. Most were received during AromaWeb's first few years online. Although many of the sites and companies shown below are no longer in operation, I keep this page available for its nostalgic value.


AromaWeb proudly wore the cool little sunglasses icon next to its name within Yahoo!'s Aromatherapy category. Those glasses indicated that AromaWeb was chosen by Yahoo!'s editors as the most informative Web site within the aromatherapy category.

Amazon.com Associate of the Month

AromaWeb was honored with the prestigious Associate of the Month Award from Amazon.com for the month of July, 2001. Amazon.com selects only one Associate of the Month out of one million associates.

Xtra MSN

New Zealand's very popular Xtra portal included a "What's Cool This Week" column in its weekly newsletter. Xtra listed AromaWeb as one of its ten cool sites for the week of September 8, 2003.

Golden Web Award

The International Association of Webmasters and Designers awarded AromaWeb with the Golden Web Award in 2002 and 2003 in recognition of AromaWeb's creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

HealthAtoZ 4 Star Site

HealthAtoZ is a comprehensive search engine in health and medicine that receives over 3 million hits per month. On March 30, 1998, they wrote to say: "We congratulate you on having developed an excellent site and are pleased to inform you that it has been awarded a 4-Star HealthAtoZ Rating! Only a select number of sites receive this rating, and with so many web sites vying for attention, we feel that it is important to recognize those sites that offer high-quality information, support, and other health-related services."

ByRegion.net Healers Best of Websites Award

On April 14, 2003, ByRegion.net selected AromaWeb for its "Best of Website" award in its Healers category.



4anything.com has selected AromaWeb as its "Editors Choice" for its aromatherapy category on 4aromatherapy.com. They write: "EDITOR'S CHOICE: Wonderful place to start learning about aromatherapy! Here you'll find recipes, definitions of terms, retailer listings and recommended books."

Starting Point Hot Site

On November 19, 1997, AromaWeb was featured as a Starting Point Health Hot Site. Thank you so much to everyone that voted for AromaWeb as a Starting Point Hot Site!

Reviewed by Web Magazine

The Web Magazine, now out of publication, provided a nice review of AromaWeb on August 28, 1997: "...Waft through this handsome site to find aromatherapy recipes, reviews of recommended books, or follow your nose to suggested links." AromaWeb was ranked with the following score (a "5" being the highest): CONTENT 4 DESIGN 4 LINKS 4 OVERALL 4.

An Internet Cool Site of the Day

Whatsnew.com's Internet Cool Site of the Day awarded AromaWeb the Cool Site of the Day award on October 9, 1997.

An Internet Top 10 Web Site

AromaWeb was awarded a seat on The Top 10 Web Site for the week beginning October 10, 1997 (their award weeks begin on Fridays).

Cool Site of the Nite

AromaWeb was chosen Cool Site of the Nite on December 18, 1997. Cool Site of the Nite writes: "Your site... will be the featured 'Cool Site of the Nite'... based upon it's content, page and graphic design and overall contribution to those who see it.

Web Site of the Day

AromaWeb was the Tipomatic Web Site of the Day on November 3, 1999. They write: "You can find everything from an explanation and history of aromatherapy to recipes for a variety of aromatherapy health and beauty aids on this informative site. There is a page where you can buy aromatherapy products and two other pages listing books and magazines on the subject. Most importantly, one of the pages discusses safety information about aromatherapy practices and products. Whether you believe in the power of aromatherapy or not, the recipes and products, such as soap, are still useful. Check it out. —Carla Joy"

Infoseek (Go Network)

Infoseek (Go Network) has given AromaWeb three stars Two-StarsTwo-StarsTwo-Stars within their Aromatherapy category. They write: "A complete resource: aromatherapy history, essential oils list, and description, recipes, tips, safety info, links, magazines and books.

New Age Journal

The print magazine New Age Journal selected AromaWeb as one of its Web Watch sites for its February, 1998 issue. New Age Journal writes: "Wake up and smell this Web site, which is redolent with relevant information on aromatherapy. For the novice, there are articles providing a general overview of the subject, and a section of tips for beginners. Experienced aromatherapists will delight in following recipes for everything from carpet deodorizer to shampoo."

That's Useful, This is Cool

On October 20, 1997, AromaWeb was chosen as That's Useful, This is Cool's Useful site of the day. TUTIC says: "'If you expect or hope that aromatherapy will cure a major illness or totally relieve a psychological ailment such as stress, you will probably be in for a disappointment.' Starting off with those refreshing words, maintainer Wendy Robbins then proceeds to tell us what aromatherapy can realistically do, which is quite a bit, especially in support of other therapies. As TUTIC's Mom would say, 'Couldn't hurt, might even help.' Plus it smells good. Articles, recipes for aromatherapy blends, book reviews and more."

Yahbooks Publishing

On February 15, 2002, Yahbooks Publishing selected AromaWeb as their Featured Web Site. Yahbooks wrote: "With over 70 different aromas to look for online, this is the closest you'll get to smelling the scents on the Web. Aromaweb.com provides you with everything you ever wanted to know about essential oils. From the history of aromatherapy, oil profiles, safety practices, to aromatherapy recipes, this site is has become the most scentsational. Whether you are a beginner or an aroma enthusiast, this is one site to see." Yahbooks is the publishers of the Kids & Family Internet Guide, High School Internet Guide and the College Internet Guide.

WebSideStory's Picks of the Week

On December 29, 1997, AromaWeb was selected as one of WebSideStory's Picks of the Week. WebSideStory writes: "We sniffed this one out because of the helpful information for those of you who are interested in essential oils and aromatherapy. Test your sensory neurons with such recipes as Citrus Shower Gel and Mouthwash. You'll also find archives of featured articles with safety information, tips for beginners and more. The Aroma Web index has information from benefits of lemon to Perfume Recipes.


AromaWeb is a reviewed site in the Alternative Medicine category. BigYellow writes: "If you're interested in aromatherapy, this site is a must. Find out what constitutes essential oils, investigate links, and take note of suggested book titles. There's even some some recipes for hand lotion, balms, etc. for you to try."

Snap! Online

In the Aromatherapy channel, the Snap! Directory Team writes the following about AromaWeb: "Explore the art of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils here. Learn the properties of specific oils and how to use them. Aromatherapy courses, measurement charts and reviews of online companies combine to make this a value-added site."

On July 7, 2000, Spirit Search wrote AromaWeb and said: "AromaWeb has been chosen to receive the new Gloria Award for an outstanding website from Spirit Search at http://spiritsearch.com.

Each month only 5 websites are carefully chosen for this award. Some of the criteria judged are useful informational content, design, and the ease of loading time and navigation. Recipient's are listed in our "Web's Best" directory at http://spiritsearch.com/websbest."

Select Site from herplanet.com

Susan Wilkins-Hubley of herplanet.com wrote on July 6, 1999 to say: "Your site https://www.aromaweb.com/ has been chosen as a HerPlanet.com Select Site. This award cannot be applied for- it is given by the HerPlanet.com staff to sites showing excellence in overall site appearance and content."

GeoCities HotSprings Featured Site

AromaWeb was given the honor of becoming a GeoCities HotSprings Featured Site on October 16, 1997. Geocites writes: "Provides a wealth of aromatherapy information not available anywhere else on the net."

The Critical Mass Award

On November 14, 1997, Bill Darling of The Critical Mass writes: "A very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web."


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