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Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy
NAHA approved Aromatherapy online certification programs Levels 1, 2, & 3. Personal interaction between students & Lorrie Hargis RA, trainer/author with over 30 years experience. Live workshops, webinars & hands on blending classes!

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How Popular Is AromaWeb?

Founded in 1997, AromaWeb serves millions of pages annually and is widely considered the most well established informational holistic aromatherapy Web site presented in the English language.

  • AromaWeb garners significant traffic from visitors specifically interested in holistic aromatherapy, essential oils and closely related topics (i.e. natural well-being).
  • AromaWeb is highly ranked within Google and the most popular search engines for hundreds of keywords and phrases related to aromatherapy and essential oils.
  • AromaWeb's third party traffic reporting and Google Analytics indicate that an average of 10-30% of visitors are visiting AromaWeb via bookmark or by hand-typing in the URL. Most of these are individuals that refer to AromaWeb as their ongoing source for objective aromatherapy information.
  • AromaWeb's impressive frequency of reference in books, magazines, newspaper articles, other Web sites and other forms of media. See AromaWeb in the Media for specific sources.
  • AromaWeb is frequently used as a reference source amongst teachers of aromatherapy and other related fields.
  • Since shortly after its launch two decades ago, AromaWeb is continually recommended by an array of popular Web sites. AromaWeb has also been honored with the prestigious Associate of the Month Award from Amazon.com for the month of July, 2001 (chosen from one million associates at the time). See the AromaWeb in the Media area for additional sources.


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