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Samara Botane
Quality aromatherapy since 1990. Over 200 organic/wild crafted/ethical essential oils/absolutes/CO2's/concretes and hydrosols. Innovative natural body care products. Retail/bulk/wholesale and custom formulation/private label. Educational programs.

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About AromaWeb

AromaWeb, (www.aromaweb.com) is operated by AromaWeb, LLC, a Michigan corporation presided by and operated by its founder, Wendy Robbins.

AromaWeb is a frequently referenced informational Web site that supplies extensive content and coverage of essential oil usage and the field of holistic aromatherapy.

Founded in 1997, AromaWeb serves millions of visitors annually. It is widely considered the most well-established, objective, brand-neutral, informational essential oil and holistic aromatherapy Web site presented in the English language.

Aromatherapy Guides and Articles

AromaWeb offers an extensive and growing collection of articles:

  • Introductory Information
  • Aromatherapy Safety
  • Historical Information
  • Aromatherapy Applications
  • Ingredient Information
  • Consumer Information

Essential Oil, Carrier Oil and Hydrosol Profile Guides and Directories

AromaWeb features over 110 Essential Oil Profiles categorized by common name and botanical (Latin) name, over 25 Carrier Oil/Vegetable Butter Profiles and over 35 Hydrosol Profiles:


With over 60 categorized and conveniently cross-listed recipes, AromaWeb is the aromatherapy enthusiast's source for inspiration and tips on creating aromatherapy blends and products at home.

Book Descriptions/Reviews

AromaWeb features descriptions and provides the table of contents for numerous books pertaining to essential oils, holistic aromatherapy and natural living.

Aromatherapy Resources and Links

AromaWeb links to non-commercial informational essential oil and aromatherapy related resources and Web sites.

Global and Regional Aromatherapy and School/Educator Business Directories

A large percentage of AromaWeb's visitors are eager to explore and learn of quality aromatherapy goods and service providers. AromaWeb's Global Aromatherapy Business Directory, Regional Aromatherapy Business Directory and School/Educator Directory puts consumers/students directly in touch with aromatherapy businesses and service professionals.

Brief History of AromaWeb

Shown above are screenshots of AromaWeb's home page designs throughout its lifespan. As AromaWeb has expanded in content throughout the years, it has undergone several unique site redesigns to continually enhance ease of navigation for visitors.

Wendy Robbins' passion for aromatherapy began in the 1990s while she was working as Web developer for a major newspaper corporation. During this time, Wendy researched what limited and often inaccurate information was available on the Web and realized that there was a need for an objective, well presented site that could inform consumers about the truths and benefits of aromatherapy. Wendy put her combined aromatherapy, writing, content development and design and Web development talents into use and launched AromaWeb in 1997 as an informational aromatherapy Web site. In its infancy, AromaWeb did not accept advertising, and AromaWeb was operated strictly as a labor of love with the future intent of building AromaWeb into an informational site that would be an educational asset to its visitors and a promotional asset to its future advertisers.

AromaWeb experienced rapid growth, and Wendy confirmed that there was demand for comprehensive, objective aromatherapy information on the Web. In 1999, Wendy launched business listing and banner advertising opportunities on AromaWeb. Nearly two decades later, AromaWeb is honored to have an ongoing relationship with many of its first advertisers.

Although AromaWeb accepts advertising from companies and educators that it deems to be reputable, the information presented on AromaWeb is brand-neutral. AromaWeb's advertisers do not influence the content that appears on AromaWeb. Instead, they graciously support AromaWeb's mission to provide objective, brand-neutral information.

Wendy is a professional member of both the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

Alliance of International Aromatherapists National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

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Wendy Robbins

Founder and President of AromaWeb

Cert. Aroma (American College of Healthcare Sciences)
BBA (Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan)

Wendy Robbins

Wendy first experienced the emotional and physical benefits that essential oils provide two decades ago and immediately began learning all that she could about essential oil usage and aromatherapy. However, Wendy also immediately discovered that there was a great deal of conflicting information being disseminated online regarding aromatherapy and essential oils. While aromatherapy can significantly enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, it is important to Wendy to help educate and promote essential oil safety and the realistic benefits of holistic aromatherapy.

Armed with her growing passion and knowledge of holistic aromatherapy and with her background in Web development and marketing, Wendy was inspired to create AromaWeb in 1997. Since its beginnings, AromaWeb has grown to become a frequently referenced educational aromatherapy Web site that supplies extensive content and coverage of the field of holistic aromatherapy and essential oil usage. In addition to Wendy's busy and dedicated role with AromaWeb, Wendy also serves as the Marketing Manager for Natural Sourcing, LLC, a leading natural ingredient supplier, and its trademarked brand, From Nature With Love.

Wendy Robbins

AromaWeb's vast collection of articles, essential oil, carrier oil and hydrosol profiles, recipes and other written content is authored and coordinated by Wendy. She is a year 2000 graduate of the ACHS Certificate of Aromatherapy Program (Cert. Aroma). The ACHS Cert. Aroma program meets the Level Two (Professional) requirements of both the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA). The American College of Healthcare Sciences (Formerly the Australasian College of Health Sciences) is an accredited and a state licensed institution located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

In 2009, Wendy was honored to be selected as the ACHS 2009 Famous Alumni. Read the ACHS 2009 Famous Alumni Press Release.

Wendy has earned her B.B.A. degree with a concentration in marketing from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Wendy possesses a strong background in aromatherapy, advertising, content development, writing, graphic design and Web site development. Wendy has 25 years of online marketing experience, 10+ years of online customer service experience, 20+ years Web development experience, and she has written hundreds of pages of educational and technical online content and print documentation over the course of her career.

This experience coupled with Wendy's aromatherapy and natural skin care knowledge has contributed to the ongoing success and popularity of AromaWeb.

Wendy avidly devours as much information as she can, and she enhances her overall knowledge by exploring other complementary health fields as well as natural skin and hair care. Wendy continues to expand her aromatherapy knowledge through ongoing study and frequent attendance of the webinars and teleseminars offered by AIA and NAHA. Wendy also networks with other aromacologists, aromatherapists, aromatherapy enthusiasts and professionals within other complementary fields.

Wendy enjoys handcrafting natural skin care products, gardening, holistic living, staying active, cooking, enjoying a primarily plant-based diet and playing guitar. Wendy serves as a Deacon at her church and is the proud mother to a beautiful and creative vegan daughter who shares a deep interest in natural living, computer technology, the arts and film.

Alliance of International Aromatherapists National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

Wendy is a professional level member of both the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

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Wendy Robbins (Cert. Aroma ACHS), Founder of AromaWeb, is a Professional Level Member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Alliance of International Aromatherapists National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

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