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Aromatherapy for Men

Aromatherapy for Men

Men have played a huge role in holistic aromatherapy since its onset. The term aromatherapy was originally coined in the early 20th century by René-Maurice Gattefossé, a French male chemist. Robert Tisserand is the English aromatherapist who is hugely responsible for bringing the knowledge of aromatherapy to English speaking nations. For this article, I planned to include a sidebar that listed the men who have held a prominent position within the field of aromatherapy. As I was compiling the list, I realized that it was absurdly long. And I risked possibly forgetting (and thus offending!) many additional men whose work I admire.

Aromatherapy for Men

Aromatherapy is not a health modality strictly for women. The intent of this article is to try to help combat that misconception. Each gender can take advantage of the emotional, physical and therapeutic benefits essential oils. There is a wide range of ways that men can utilize essential oils. Many essential oils possess an earthy, spicy and masculine aroma. Read the following pages of this guide for more information:

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