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Aromatherapy Methods of Use

AromaWeb held a poll to to discover the most frequent ways that visitors incorporate aromatherapy into their lifestyles. 14,314 visitors responded. Below are the results. Use of aromatherapy for baths, massage and by diffusion were the top three methods of use.

Note: This is an unscientific poll, and AromaWeb visitors are comprised of those at many different stages of aromatherapy and olfactory knowledge.

What Aromatherapy Methods Do You Utilize?

Diffuser 16% 2137
Steam Inhalations 8% 1864
Baths 18% 2485
Massage 17% 2337
Skin Care Products 10% 1391
Perfumes 10% 1334
Recipes for Ailments 12% 1646
Household Cleaning 8% 1120

Total Number of Respondents: 14,314

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