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What is the Best Essential Oil Brand?

Best Essential Oil Brands

I've been working with essential oils for over twenty years now. It's understandable why I'm often asked what the best essential oil brand or company is considering the number of not-so-good and bogus essential oil companies in existence.

Although there are indeed some problematic essential oil companies that you need to watch out for, be assured that there are many wonderful, reputable essential oil brands available that are owned/managed by ethical and knowledgeable essential oil professionals.

There is no one company that stands out as being the best essential oil brand much like there isn't one single company that stands out as being the best automotive company, etc. (This is a loose example, but please bear with me here.) I know that may not be what you're hoping to hear as it would be so much easier to just be told where to shop to get the best essential oils. But that wouldn't be fair to you in the long run. So many factors come into play, and a number of them are subjective and are based on your own personal needs. The criteria that is the most important to me may not be as important to you and vice versa.

When you begin shopping for essential oils, you'll begin to notice and learn about the pros and cons of each brand that you purchase. You will likely learn that you prefer certain essential oils from one company and other oils from another. Over time, you will discover the brand(s) that you personally consider the best for your own needs. And that's how it should be. Your needs and what is important to you when selecting essential oils and a brand is unique to you.

List of 15 Key Considerations When Choosing the Best Essential Oil Brand for You:

  1. Quality/Purity
  2. Aroma
  3. GC/MS Reporting Availability
  4. Selection
  5. Sizes Available
  6. Cost
  7. Sustainability Policies of the Company
  8. How Long Has the Company Been in Business?
  9. Web Site Usability
  10. Does the Company Employ a Certified Aromatherapist or Do the Owner(s) Have Formal Essential Oil Training?
  11. Customer Service/Knowledge/Assistance
  12. Availability and Quality of Essential Oil Information
  13. Company Location
  14. Shipping Fee
  15. Shipping Speed

How to Find Reputable Essential Oil Brands

Refer to AromaWeb's Guide to Shopping for Essential Oils to view objective tips that will help you choose reputable essential oil suppliers that are the best for your needs.

As AromaWeb's Aromatherapy Advertiser Spotlight says: AromaWeb's valued advertisers support AromaWeb's efforts to share objective, honest information about essential oils and the field of holistic aromatherapy with the public. Although AromaWeb accepts advertising from companies and educators that it deems to be reputable, the information presented on AromaWeb is brand-neutral. AromaWeb's advertisers do not influence the content that appears on AromaWeb. Instead, they graciously support AromaWeb's mission to provide objective, brand-neutral information.

As you shop, please make it your priority to patronize the fine educators, practitioners and companies that support AromaWeb with their banners located throughout AromaWeb and view the listings located within the Schools & Educator Directory and the Aromatherapy Business Directory.

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