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We distill organic Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils and hydrosols. Since 2004 Boswellness has directly sourced frankincense and myrrh resins from the mountains of Somaliland with an emphasis on fair trade,sustainable livelihoods & tree longevity.

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Aromatherapy Glossary


See What are Absolutes?


The use of essential oils and other natural aromatic substances for psychological and physical therapeutic benefit. See What is Aromatherapy?

Botanical Name

The Latin name given to a species of plant to clearly distinguish it from other plants that share the same common name. Examples: Roman Chamomile's botanical name is Anthemis nobilis. German chamomile's botanical name is Matricaria chamomilla.


See What are CO2s?

Common Name

The "everyday" name given to a plant. Examples: Bay, Chamomile, Cedar, Orange, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Each of these examples has multiple different species with different properties, yet the species go by the same common name. Because of the possible confusion between common names referring to different species, it is important that the botanical name is utilized for clarity. When purchasing essential oils, be sure you refer to the botanical name. If the vendor does not supply the botanical name, ask for it. Be leery if they don't know.


A unit of measurement equaling about 1/8 of an ounce. See the Measurements article for more information on measurements commonly used in aromatherapy.

Carrier Oil

See What are Carrier Oils?

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are fatty acids that our bodies cannot manufacture and need to get from our diets. When applied topically, they are very nourishing to our skin. Carrier oils vary in their ratio and specific EFAs that they contain. EFAs are a benefit to the skin, but they also can make an oil more fragile and prone to quicker rancidity. See the Essential Fatty Acids article for more information.

Essential Oil

See What are Essential Oils?

Floral Water

See What are Hydrosols?

Fragrance Oils

See What are Fragrance Oils?


See What are Hydrosols?

Infused Oils

See What are Infused Oils?

Orifice Reducer

Also known as a euro dropper. Most essential oils are sold in bottles that contain an "orifice reducer." An orifice reducer is a small, usually clear insert inside the bottle opening that acts as a dropper. You simply tip the bottle and you can dispense the oil drop by drop. See the Storing Your Essential Oils article for a photo of an orifice reducer.

Perfume Oils

See What are Fragrance Oils?


A disposable plastic dropper used in place of an orifice reducer or an eyedropper for dispensing essential oils.


See What are Resins?


A synergistic essential oil blend of the correct oils in proper proportions is considered to be greater in total benefit than each oil working independently, thus creating "synergy." See the Recipes Box area for example synergistic blends.


A measurement of the resistance of a liquid to movement and flow. For purposes in comparing essential oils or carrier oils, things are usually kept simple by referring to them as having a "thin," "medium" or "thick" viscosity.