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AromaWeb has been referenced, cited and/or reprinted (by express written permission only) in the following magazines. Please note that AromaWeb does not endorse any of the below periodicals. AromaWeb makes no claims regarding the accuracy of information that is contained within the articles listed below.

Yahoo! Internet Life  

Yahoo! Internet Life
October 21-28, 1997
Guide to the Best of the Best

No longer published, Yahoo! Internet Life listed AromaWeb in it's October 21-28, 1997 Guide to the Best of the Best. Yahoo! writes: "Don't believe the hype, warns this refreshingly straightforward guide to the use of nice -- (and occasionally not-so-nice) smelling herbs and essential oils. Aromatherapy can't cure horrid diseases or grow you a third eye, but it may help your body and spirit to begin their own rejuvenation. Wendy Robbins's excellent site can set you on the path."

Woman Dentist Journal  

NAHA eBooklet
Volume III • © 2012
Published by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Business & Marketing Tips Issue
Article: Attracting Customers to Your Website &
Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Pages 21-24
Author: Wendy Robbins

I was honored to be asked to submit this article for publication by NAHA.


MASSAGE magazine
November 14, 2008
Aromatherapy Gets Personal Boost from Donna Karan

AromaWeb and its founder, Wendy Robbins, are discussed, and Wendy is quoted.

Woman Dentist Journal  

DaySpa Magazine
November, 2009
Scentsual Healing
Author: Tracy Morin

AromaWeb is referenced within this article twice.

Woman Dentist Journal  

Woman Dentist Journal
January, 2004
Aromatherapy in the Dental Office and Beyond
Pages 48-50
Author: Martha Anne Carr, DDS

AromaWeb and Wendy Robbins are cited and referenced within this article that introduces women dentists to the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

HealthToday Magazine  

July, 2003
Complementary Health: Discover Essential Oils
Pages 48-50
Author: Wendy Robbins, President, AromaWeb

Working with the editor of this popular monthly Asian health publication, Wendy Robbins granted permission for HealthToday to reprint a selection of AromaWeb's content.

mary-kateandashley Magazine  

June/July 2001
Mind Matters
Pages 38-40

mary-kateandashley magazine, was a print magazine readily available at most newsstands. Geared towards teenage girls, the publication included a wonderful aromatherapy article in in their June/July, 2001 print edition. The article provides a nice introduction to aromatherapy, and is more impressive than the commonly inaccurate aromatherapy articles in mainstream periodicals. AromaWeb was credited for information and was mentioned five times throughout the article.

New Age

New Age Journal
February, 1998
Web Watch

The print magazine New Age Journal selected AromaWeb as one of its Web Watch sites for its February, 1998 issue. New Age Journal writes: "Wake up and smell this Web site, which is redolent with relevant information on aromatherapy. For the novice, there are articles providing a general overview of the subject, and a section of tips for beginners. Experienced aromatherapists will delight in following recipes for everything from carpet deodorizer to shampoo."


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If you know of a reference or review that is not mentioned here, please contact AromaWeb.



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