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Getting Linked

The criteria for becoming linked within one of the various areas on AromaWeb is as follows:

  • Friends of AromaWeb Section of the Links Page: The Friends of AromaWeb section offers reciprocal links and site descriptions to many primarily non-commercial sites that are oriented towards aromatherapy have linked to AromaWeb. A non-commercial site is a site that does not sell products or services. If you have a non-commercial Web site and are planning on linking to AromaWeb, I'd like to thank you in advance!

    Please be sure to contact AromaWeb after you've added the link so that I may consider reciprocating by adding your site to the Friends of AromaWeb section if appropriate. Be sure to include both the URL to your home page and the exact URL to the page that contains the link to AromaWeb. If I can't find the link to your home page or figure out what your site is about, I might have to give up and not add the link.

    The proper spelling of AromaWeb is AromaWeb with a capital "W" and no space in between words.

    Please link to http://www.aromaweb.com and to no other URL. Thank you!

    Preferred Site Description:
    AromaWeb provides information and resources especially useful to those interested in essential oils and aromatherapy.

    AromaWeb reserves the right to change these policies, remove a link or recommendation, or choose not to link to a site, even if that site has linked to AromaWeb.

    Optional Banner that You May Use:
    Two banner graphic images are located at the bottom of this page. You may use these on your site for linking to AromaWeb if you would like.  (Do not use any other graphics from this site without express permission.) Of course you can use a text link instead of a graphical link if you prefer, the banner graphic below is simply available in case you'd like to use it:

    To grab either of the two banners, click on the graphic with your right mouse button (for Mac users, hold the mouse button down for a moment until a mini-menu appears by your cursor) and select "Save Image As..." then save it to your local drive in preparation for placing it within your site.

    Please Note: Please remember that you will still need to add a link to the image. The proper html syntax to do so is:

    <a href="http://www.aromaweb.com/"><img src="aromawebgraphicnameonyourserver.gif" width="468" height="60" alt="AromaWeb. Your Online Source for Aromatherapy Information."></a>

  • Feature Links Section of the Links Page: The Feature Links area offers highly-select links to informative sites that offer primarily non-commercial aromatherapy information. Sites are chosen at the discretion of AromaWeb based on the amount of quality aromatherapy content offered. Sites that are primarily a repository of links to other sites are not eligible to be a Featured Link.








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