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Source Vitál
Source Vitál, with over its 25 years of experience, has perfected the science behind the most remarkable essential oils. We offer pure oils, blends, rooms sprays, remedies & chakras.

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Aromatherapy Business Directory Listing Package Order Form

Thank you for your interest in purchasing an Aromatherapy Business Listing Package. You are just several steps away from promoting your business on one of the most-popular aromatherapy Web sites in the world.

To order your Aromatherapy Business Listing Package, please read the following important notes: 

Once your order is received, your submission and Web site will be reviewed. Although most listings are approved, AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to refuse advertising from any entity that it deems is or may be unethical, unprofessional or unknowledgeable about aromatherapy. AromaWeb, LLC must refuse advertising from businesses that are affiliated with or engage in MLM network marketing as it can be too easy for the distributors/participants to have minimal knowledge of aromatherapy and safety issues. You will only be invoiced for your listing if it is approved.

Aromatherapy Business Listing Package Fee:
$95.00 Per Annual Term

To Place Your Order

  1. Please read the Business Listing Advertising Terms.
  2. Carefully complete the below order form and press the SUBMIT button found on the bottom of the page.
  3. You do not have to include your E-mail Address, Physical Address, Telephone Number or Fax Number within your listing, but you are most welcome to omit them if you wish. If you prefer to leave out your physical address, I recommend that you do include your city, state and zip code.
  4. Once you have completed the online order form, your information and your site will be reviewed.
  5. After your site is reviewed, we'll email you personally. If accepted for advertising, you will also receive an email invoice that provides easy details on how to remit payment via PayPal, credit card or business check.
  6. Your listing will be published on AromaWeb shortly after your payment is received.

Business Listing Details

Please complete this section exactly as you would like it to appear in your listing. The Company/Practitioner Name is the only field that is required. You are not required to include any or all of your contact information within your listing. If you leave any item blank, it will not appear within your listing.

Tip: You can avoid manually counting the number of characters including spaces by using a site like lettercount.com. Alternatively, if you have a newer version of Microsoft Word, you can use it to know how many characters your text is by highlighting the text and clicking on the "# of # Words" statement that appears at the bottom of the Word application. That will open a window that shows "Characters (with spaces)."

Business Listing Categories

Please checkmark all categories of products and services that your business sells and that are easily located on your Web site (or print catalog if you do not have a Web site).

Contact Information

The information within this section is for AromaWeb's use and does not become a part of your Business Listing. The contact information that you enter below will be used by AromaWeb to send a renewal invoice and reminder when your term is due for renewal. This contact information is also used if AromaWeb ever has a question about your listing.

All fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required.

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By submitting this Business Listing order, you indicate that you have read the Listing Advertising Terms and fully agree to them. If your listing is accepted, you agree to pay the Business Listing fee promptly via business check or PayPal after you receive the invoice.

Important Notes Before Clicking the SUBMIT button below:

Once you have completed the online order form by clicking the SUBMIT button below, your information will be reviewed. You will be notified via e-mail, usually within 1-3 business days, to confirm approval of your listing. If your business listing is not accepted, you will not be charged or billed.

Thank you very much for selecting AromaWeb as a part of your promotional strategy!