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Home Page > Aromatherapy Books > Aromatherapy Anointing Oils: Spiritual Blessings, Ceremonies, and Affirmations

Aromatherapy Anointing Oils



Aromatherapy Anointing Oils: Spiritual Blessings, Ceremonies, and Affirmations
Author: Joni Keim Loughran and Ruah Bull
Publisher: Frog Books
Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 978-1-58394-045-7

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Anointing, is defined by the authors as "touching with oil," in a sacred/spiritual context. The act of anointing is practiced both by a wide range of religions and those of many faiths including formal religions such as Christianity. Individuals that that possess a personal spirituality also incorporate the act of anointing into their personal meditations or other spiritual rituals. Aromatherapy Anointing Oils provides an overview of how anointing has been integrated into spirituality, how anointing oils can enhance spiritual ane emotional enlightenment, how to incorporate anointing oils into daily life as well as for special celebrations or challenging times, and guides the reader in formulating anointing oils by use of essential oils diluted into a fixed/carrier oil. Included within this 160 page book are profiles of over 50 essential oils that are most commonly used for spiritual and emotional applications. The profiles are broken down into sections entitled Spiritual Teachings, Occasions for Use, Energy Centers, Physical Sites (where to annoint the body), Blessings and Affirmations for each oil. This book focuses upon the spiritual and emotional use and properites of each essential oil. It is not intended to provide a detailed overview on the physiological properties of each essential oil. The book describes six carrier oils, but does not provide a large list of carrier oils or how they can benefit the skin. Look to other books that concentrate on that. The text also briefly describes other means by which you can enhance sacred space and your anointing practices. Affirmations, use of blessings/prayers, candles, colors, crystals and the elements are all briefly discussed. Use this book as an introduction and further your knowledge with more in-depth resources. The section on Crystals (page 92), for instance, is an interesting short overview, but would benefit from an added sentence or two of clarification: Not all crystals need to be cleansed, and not all should be cleansed with salt (can cause damage) or water (some soft crystals will disintegrate). Concentrated essential oils can also potentially harm the surfaces of some crystals, so I recommend ensuring that you are using diluted oils to annoint your crystals.

If you wish to begin a journey into exploring how essential oils can enhance your spiritual life, this is an introductory book well worth reading and keeping on your reference shelf. If you are brand new to aromatherapy, I recommend that you also thoroughly read a general introduction into holistic aromatherapy.

Table of Contents for Aromatherapy Anointing Oils: Spiritual Blessings, Ceremonies, and Affirmations:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword: The Reverend Tim Kellgren
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Nature of Anointing
    • Anointing Today
    • Our Definition of Anointing
  • Chapter Two: Essential Oils for Anointing
    • The Nature of Essential oils
    • How Essential Oils Affect Us
    • The Essential Oils: A to Z
  • Chapter Three: Creating a Sacred Space for Aromatherapy Anointing
    • Clearing the Area
    • Protecting the Area
    • Asking for Guidance
    • Setting Intention
    • Enhancing Sacred Space
    • Closing Sacred Space
    • Creating a Special Place for Your Aromatherapy Anointing Oils
  • Chapter Four: The Anointing Touch
    • Body Symbology
    • Subtle Anatomy
    • Physical Symptoms
  • Chapter Five: Aroamtherapy Anointing for Celebrations & Occasions
    • Planning Your Ceremony
    • Celebrations and Occasions for Aromatherapy Anointing
      • Rite of Passage
      • Place or Object
      • Healing
      • Honoring
      • Love and Devotion
      • Gratitude
      • Releasing
      • Claiming
      • Season
      • Holiday or Holy Day
      • Before an Event
  • Chapter Six: Making Aromatherapy Anointing Oils
    • Vegetable Oils
    • Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Anointing Occasions
    • Creatin Blends for Aroamtherapy Anointing Oils
  • Resources
  • Appendix I: Safety Guidelines for Using Essential Oils
  • Appendix II: Glossary of Terms
  • Index

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