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Herbs for Pets


Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet's Life
Authors: Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff
Publisher: BowTie Press
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 1933958782
Pages: 328

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Simply because a particular herb can be beneficial to humans does not make it safe or suitable to use for our pets. I haven't yet had a chance to read this book in its entirety, but I have already found Herbs for Pets to be well worth its price for information regarding particular ailments/issues affecting my feline and senior canine and for looking up particular benefits and warnings/precautions about the use of particular herbs for our furry companions.

Chapter 2's Materia Medica spans 160 pages. It includes a primary section that provides detailed profiles for 65 herbs (see below table of contents for a list) and shorter profiles for 44 more. The profiles include color photographs of most of the fresh botanicals.

The detailed profiles include these sections (I didn't check every single one -- some herbs may not contain all sections):

  • Common Name
  • Botanical Name
  • Family Name
  • Appearance
  • Habitat and Range
  • Cycle and Bloom Season
  • Parts Used
  • Primary Medicinal Activities
  • Strongest Affinities
  • Preparation
  • Common Uses
  • Availability
  • Propagation and Harvest
  • Alternatives and Adjuncts
  • Cautions and Comments

The "Herbal Supplement List" is a section of 44 shorter herbal profiles in Chapter 2. Each herb in this section includes the following information (some also include color photos and a category that discusses availability of the herb):

  • Common Name
  • Botanical Name
  • Primary Medicinal Activites
  • Common Uses
  • Safety/Cautions/Contraindications

Table of Contents for Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet's Life

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Principles and Practices of Herbalism
    • Using Herbs Naturally
    • The Many Faces of Herbal Medicine
    • A Few Words About Toxicity
    • When to Take your Pet to the Vet
    • Basics of Herbal Preparations
    • The Connection Between Herbs and Diet
    • Using Nutritive Herbs and Dietary Supplements
    • The Ethical Use of Herbs
  • Chapter 2:
    • Material Medica: An A-Z Guide to Herbs for Animals
      • Alfalfa
      • Aloe
      • Arnica
      • Astragalus
      • Bee Balm
      • Black Walnut
      • Borage
      • Bugleweed
      • Burdock
      • Calendula
      • Catnip
      • Cayenne
      • Chamomile
      • Chaparral
      • Chickweed
      • Cleavers
      • Coltsfoot
      • Comfrey
      • Corn Silk
      • Couch Grass
      • Dandelion
      • Dill
      • Echinacea
      • Elecampane
      • Fennel
      • Feverfew
      • Flax
      • Garlic
      • Ginkgo
      • Goldenrod
      • Goldenseal
      • Gotu Kola
      • Gravelroot
      • Grindelia
      • Hawthorn
      • Hop
      • Horsetail
      • Juniper
      • Lavender
      • Licorice
      • Marshmallow
      • Milk Thistle
      • Mullein
      • Nettle
      • Oat
      • Oregon Grape
      • Oxeye Daisy
      • Parsley
      • Plantain
      • Raspberry
      • Red Clover
      • Rose
      • Rosemary
      • Sage
      • Saint-John's Wort
      • Shepherd's Purse
      • Skullcap
      • Slippery Elm
      • Thyme
      • Uva Ursi
      • Valerian
      • Wormwood
      • Yarrow
      • Yellow Dock
      • Yucca
    • Supplemental Herb List
      • Ashwaganda
      • Bilberry
      • Blue Cohosh
      • Boneset
      • Boswellia
      • Caraway
      • Cascara Sagrada
      • Cat's Claw
      • Celery
      • Coriander
      • Cranberry
      • Devil's Claw
      • Eyebright
      • Evening Primrose
      • Eucalyptus
      • Fenugreek
      • Fleabane
      • Gentian
      • Ginger
      • Ginseng
      • Kava Kava
      • Kelp
      • Lemon Balm
      • Lobelia
      • Lovage
      • Meadowsweet
      • Myrrh
      • Oregano
      • Passionflower
      • Pennyroyal
      • Peppermint
      • Pineapple Weed
      • Pipsissewa
      • Saw Palmetto
      • Senna
      • Siberian Ginseng
      • Spirulina
      • Turkey Rhubarb
      • Turmeric
      • Usnea
      • Vervain
      • White Oak Bark
      • Wild Cherry Bark
      • Willow
      • Witch Hazel
  • Chapter 3: An Herbal Repertory for Animals: Ailments and Treatments
    • Anxiety, Nervousness, and Behavioral Problems
    • Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia
    • Cancer
    • Cardiovascular Problems
    • Digestive System Problems
    • Ear Problems
    • Elderly Animal Care
    • Endocrine System and Related Problems
    • Epilepsy, Convulsions, and Seizures
    • Eye Problems
    • First Aid
    • Immune System Care
    • Mouth and Nose Problems
    • Parasite-Related Problems: How to Live with Fleas, Worms, Mites, and Other Things That Suck
    • Pregnancy and Lactation
    • Respiratory Problems
    • Skin Problems
    • Urinary Problems
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index

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