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Home Page > Aromatherapy Books > Essential Oil Maker's Handbook by Bettina Malle and Helge Schmickl

Essential Oil Maker's Handbook



Essential Oil Maker's Handbook:
Extracting, Distilling & Enjoying Plant Essences

Authors: Betinna Malle and Helge Schmickl
Translated by Paul Lehmann
Publisher: Spikehorn Press Copyright: 2015
Number of Pages: 156
ISBN: 1943015007 / 978-1943015009

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The Essential Oil Maker's Handbook is a beautiful hardcover book that is presented using a writing style that makes it easy to grasp the process and requirements for essential oil distillation. It is well organized and rich in color photography.

Authors Betinna Malle and Helge Schmickl originally wrote the book in German, and it was published under the name of Ätherische Öle selbst herstellen. (At the time I'm adding this review to AromaWeb, Ätherische Öle selbst herstellen has 37 reviews on Amazon.de (Amazon's German site) with an average of 4.8 stars.) The book has been translated into English by Paul Lehmann and published by Spikehorn Press in 2015.

I was delighted when I discovered the availability of The Essential Oil Maker's Handbook. There are so few books available in English that provides a solid overview for essential oil distillation.

Even for those of us that actively utilize essential oils but do not plan to actively be involved in the distillation of essential oils, The Essential Oil Maker's Handbook is an indispensable resource and guide. It helps the reader to visualize and appreciate the techniques, challenges and artistry of essential oil distillation. It provides an overview for the history of distillation, tips for proper botanical harvesting, distillation methods and types of stills, first and second distillations, and more. There are also some basic essential oil information and recipes also included in the book. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 4 as it provides details on essential oil yields for many botanicals.

Description from the Back Cover

With their pleasing scents and uses in natural remedies, essential oils are more in demand now than ever. Unfortunately, modern production methods and unscrupulous labeling practices make it extremely difficult for consumers to know whether an oil is genuine or artificial, and increasingly the only way to be certain that your essential oils are free from chemical additives is to make them yourself.

Producing your own essential oils and hydrosols in small quantities is easier than you might think, especially with the guidance of Austrian master distillers Helge Schmickl and Bettina Malle. Translated from its original German, The Essential Oil Maker's Handbook has been revised and updated to include information on hydrosols, the aromatic water once considered a mere by-product but now recognized as a valuable substance in itself. Learn how to make your own shower gels and creams using essential oils that you created yourself out of materials from your garden and pantry, without chemical additives.

The authors provide guidance, based on data from their own experiences, on the harvesting, processing, and use of 130 indigenous and exotic plants as well as the necessary equipment for oil extraction. This guide covers in detail:

  • Effective procedures
  • Necessary equipment
  • Suitable plants
  • Practical uses for your oils
  • Tips and tricks

Including about 40 base recipes for personal care products - from bathing additives to facial and body care to perfume - this book provides a solid foundation for both beginners and professionals. This detailed and authoritative reference is indispensable in appreciating the production and wide range of applications of essential oils.

About the Authors (From Back of Book)

Bettina Malle and Helge Schmickl graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in 1991 with a masters of science in chemical engineering and received doctorates in technical sciences in 1993. They have published books and conduct workshops on the production of vinegar, distilled spirits, and essential oils, emphasizing the use of fruits and herbs right from the garden. Bettina and Helge have been married since 2002. That same year they moved to Klagenfurt, Carinthia (Austria), where they host their seminars and conduct research and developments in fermenting and distilling. They have two children.

Table of Contents for Essential Oil Maker's Handbook

Amazon provides a more comprehensive outline for each of the chapers in the book. The outline shown below reflects the Table of Contents page presented in the hardcover book.

  • Preface to the English-Language Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Introduction
  • 1. Historical Overview
  • 2. Basics
  • 3. Making Your Own Oil, Step by Step
  • 4. Distillable Materials
  • 5. Using Your Oils
  • 6. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Afterword
  • Harvest Calendar
  • Index
  • About the Authors

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