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Buff & Butter
Buff & Butter specialise in therapeutic quality essential oils, carrier oils & hydrosols. We have a firm belief that nature provides all the best ingredients needed for a natural, well balanced lifestyle.

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Guide to Essential Oils, CO2 Extracts, Absolutes and Other Beneficial Aromatic Ingredients

Aromatherapy Ingredients

Pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, absolutes, hydrosols, resins, carrier oils, infused oils, herbs and other natural substances are traditionally used within the scope of holistic aromatherapy and natural wellness applications. But do you understand the important differences between them? Just because an oil has a lovely aroma doesn't make it an essential oil. To get the most out of your oils and aromatics and to use them effectively and safely, it's important to genuinely understand the differences between them.

Start getting acquainted with all of these beautiful and beneficial oils and ingredients and learning what they are by reading the below helpful guides:

  • What are Aromatherapy Oils?
    The term aromatherapy oil can be confusing as it can mean different things to different people. This article helps to shed light on what to watch out for when you find oils described as aromatherapy oils.
  • What are Fragrance Oils?
    Fragrance oils and products containing synthetic compounds are not used in the practice of holistic aromatherapy. Read the explanation here.
  • What are Flower Essences (Flower Remedies)?
    Because the term Flower Essence is similar to the term Essential Oil, individuals sometimes get the terms confused. For this reason, I'll briefly introduce and describe Flower Essences within this article.