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Dreaming Earth Botanicals

In Business Since: 1997
Supporter of AromaWeb Since: 2008

At Dreaming Earth Botanicals, we've been providing our therapeutic quality SomaTherapy Essential Oils, massage and carrier oils, flower waters and aromatherapy products to the healing arts community since 1997. We carry a wide selection of aromatherapy diffusers, including gorgeous candle diffusers, personal and car diffusers, aromatherapy jewelry and nebulizing and ultrasonic diffusers. We also offer exceptional essential oil blends and ready to use massage blends, scrumptious bath salts and a growing line of organic lotions. Our very popular natural pest control products include botanical mice repellents, humane mouse traps and non-toxic moth control traps.

Why Order from Us?

We offer professional aromatherapy quality essential oils selected and tested for purity and therapeutic value.

We offer discounts to health and healing arts practitioners, and love to help retailers develop their own line of products, with affordable private labeling, and custom blending.

We're happy to assist and brainstorm with special orders, gift ideas and aromatherapy packages.

Our company founder, Dr Joie Power, Ph.D, has used essential oils personally and professionally for many years, and the oils we offer for sale are those that Dr Power uses herself, and which she feels are the best available.

We take orders by phone, internet or fax and strive to offer fast and friendly service. Most orders ship within 24 hours.

Our website offers a wealth of articles, recipes and Aromatherapy Q&A.

Visit Dreaming Earth Botanicals

Contact Information

Web Site: http://www.dreamingearth.com/
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (800) 897-8330
Fax: (828) 252-2058


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