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Victorie Inc.
Victorie Inc. is a trusted supplier of pure essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and rare flower oils. A Clinical Aromatherapist is on staff and we provide custom blending, consultations and classes.

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Regional Aromatherapy Business Directory Advertising Information

A Regional Aromatherapy Business Directory Listing is the perfect choice for businesses with storefronts or offices, or that provide aromatherapy products and services to their local market. Your listing will be categorized by your U.S. State or Canadian Province.

This is a Perfect Opportunity for...

  • Apothecaries
  • Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Shops
  • Aromatherapists
  • Aromacologists
  • Practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Massage Therapists
  • Educators
  • Spas
  • Apothecaries

Your detailed Regional Aromatherapy Business Listing will appear within the Regional Aromatherapy Business Directory and will be formatted to look like the following example:

Your Company Name Here

Your 250 character description will appear here. This is a sample description. Your 250 character description will appear here. This is a sample description. Your 250 character description will appear here. This is a sample description.

Web Site: https://www.aromaweb.com
E-Mail: [email protected]
12345 Aromatica Way
Suite 123
Fragrancia, CA 99999
Telephone: (111) 555-5555
Fax: (111) 555-5556

You may opt to leave out your address, telephone number, fax number and/or e-mail address if you wish.

Take advantage of the following benefits of an AromaWeb A Regional Aromatherapy Business Listing:

  • Ensure that you are listed where visitors are intentionally going to seek out aromatherapy-related businesses, service providers and practitioners.
  • A Regional Aromatherapy Business Listing is wonderful for advertisers who have a modest advertising budget.
  • It provides convenience by allowing you to place one order for a term that lasts an entire year.
  • Choosing AromaWeb gives you the security of knowing that you are advertising on one of the world's most respected, most popular, and most quoted informational aromatherapy Web sites. AromaWeb has been in service since 1997.

Only $35.00 U.S. for a 12 Month Term
(Equivalent to Only $2.92 Per Month)

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