Available Business Plaza Categories
Retail Herbs Pet Care Products
Wholesale Other Natural Ingredients Household Cleaners
Distillers Therapeutic Blends Bottles/Packaging
International (Non US) Spiritual Oils/Blends Blending Accessories
Essential Oils & Absolutes Custom Blending Diffusers & Nebulizers
CO2s Soaps Aromatherapy Jewelry
Rare & Precious Oils Lotions & Creams General Accessories
Hydrosols Body & Skincare Products Distillation Equipment
Carrier Oils Childcare Products Schools & Educators
Infused Oils Gift Sets Organizations
Flower Remedies Naturally Based Incense & Ingredients Professional Services
Organic/Wildcrafted Essential Oils Candles Books & Periodicals
Category Information

To ensure that AromaWeb's visitors have an easy time locating the oils, products and services they seek, the following guidelines have been established:

  • To be listed within a specific category, you must offer the corresponding category of products/services on your Web site. i.e. If you want to be listed within the Custom Blending category, your site must clearly state that custom blending services are offered.
  • It must be relatively easy to find the products on your Web site. i.e. If you sell 2 different CO2s but they are buried within 10 pages of essential oils and absolutes, AromaWeb will not be able to include your site within the CO2 category.
  • For the Naturally Based Incense category, you must sell incense or incense ingredients that are natural. Your business will not be listed in this category if your incense is fragranced with synthetics. If you sell both natural and synthetic incense products, you can be listed in this category if your site makes it easy to determine which incense is natural.
  • For the Candles category, you must sell candles that are fragranced with only natural ingredients (essential oils) and made with vegetable based or other natural waxes. If you sell natural candles in addition to paraffin-based or synthetically fragranced candles, you can be listed in this category if your site makes it easy to determine which candles are natural.
  • AromaWeb reserves the right to determine if your site qualifies for a particular category.
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