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Top quality essential oils from around the world. Small distillations. The only place to find real gardenia, lily and tuberose enfleurage. We distill our own Omani Frankincense in Oman and New York. Specialists in Agarwood, and hard to find exotics.

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Banner Advertising Policies

AromaWeb, LLC uses the term "banner ad" or "banner advertisement" to reflect graphical banner and button style advertisements appearing in leaderboard, footer, sidebar and potentially other locations on AromaWeb.

By purchasing a banner advertisement on AromaWeb, the purchaser agrees to the following policies:

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to update or correct any errors within its terms, price quoting or banner details.

Banner graphics must meet the filesize limitations, dimensions and file format specifations for the particular position. Please ask if you need clarification on any of the specifications.

Banner graphics must be tasteful and professional in appearance, ethical and truthful. AromaWeb does not accept meanspirited or disparaging banners.

Although animating banner ads are accepted for some positWion locations, please do not make frame rotations too fast or flashy. AromaWeb reserves the right to request that particular animations are slowed down. Please refer to the specifications for your banner advertising position(s) to confirm if animated .gif graphics are accepted for your position location.

The start date for your banner advertisement will generally be within 1-2 business days following the receipt of your order/banner or promptly after the completion of an existing ad run on the page should one be occurring at the time you place your order. Banner ads cannot be published until full payment is received.

Except in rare situations handled on a case-by-case basis, banner advertising fees are non-refundable.

A $25.00 fee is charged for checks and other payments that are returned due to insufficient or unavailable funds.

Advertising term rates do not include creation of the banner image.

Your banner advertising image must meet AromaWeb LLC's specifications for the specific position or via any special arrangements formalized in writing/email, and your image must be supplied within a reasonable time after you place your banner advertising order, unless other arrangements have not been made.

AromaWeb, LLC bases its banner advertising pricing on the forecasted amount of impressions/page views expected for the position. The forecasted figure is calculated carefully and is based upon the average number of impressions/page views received within the previous few months. The traffic figures that AromaWeb, LLC quotes are obtained from AromaWeb's independent third party hosting company.

It is the advertiser's responsibility to confirm that their banner advertisement appears on the correct page and in the correct position. Once your banner term begins or once your renewal term begins, please carefully proofread your banner advertising and business listing information as it appears on AromaWeb. It is essential that you bring any errors or discrepancies to the attention of AromaWeb, LLC within three (3) days of the start date or renewal date for your advertising term so that they can be corrected. AromaWeb, LLC is not responsible for any errors or ommissions. AromaWeb, LLC accepts no liability for any losses or inconveniences incurred.

Within the Advertising Info area, AromaWeb may publish the dates that it expects some banner advertising positions to become available. AromaWeb tries to keep this information as up to date as possible. These dates are for informational purposes only and AromaWeb, LLC cannot guarantee the accuracy of any published dates. For the most up to date information on availability, please contact AromaWeb.

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to refuse advertising from any company for any reason. Such reasons include but are not limited to companies that AromaWeb has concern are unethical, unprofessional, inaccurate, unknowledgeable about aromatherapy, or are a part of an MLM/network marketing arrangement (as such arrangements can make it too easy for the participants to not be knowledgeable about aromatherapy). AromaWeb, LLC also reserves the right to request modifications to banners that use therapeutic grade type terminology.

You agree that the products and/or services that you are selling are legal in all areas that you sell them in and that your business practices are truthful and do not mislead customers.

You agree that your advertising is truthful and not misleading.

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to discontinue your banner ad and refund the pro-rated cost of the remaining period of the purchased term for any reason including if AromaWeb receives complaints from visitors about your business and/or AromaWeb becomes concerned about the ethics, professionalism or aromatherapy knowledge of your business. AromaWeb, LLC has the exclusive right to define for itself what it believes is "concerning."

You agree that AromaWeb's acceptance of your advertising does not constitute AromaWeb's recommendation or endorsement of your business. You will not make statements that imply that AromaWeb "endorses" or "recommends" your business.

Your banner term pricing includes the ability to swap out your banner with a different banner (that you supply, but that meets the same specifications as your original banner) several times during the course of your term. You agree and understand that frequent revisions/changes to your banner (or the URL that it links to) may be subject to a modestrevision fee unless other arrangements were discussed. This fee is subject to change in the future.

In the event that the URL supplied for the banner link has changed and you are not reachable, AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to remove your banner until you are able to provide the new URL. The original term ending date will remain in effect.

The rates AromaWeb charges for banner advertising is subject to change at any time. Once your purchase a term for your ad, the rate is locked in for the entire term.

In the event that AromaWeb, LLC must be discontinued due to an unforeseeable event, AromaWeb, LLC will refund the prorated fee for the remainder of your advertising term.

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to edit all pages on the site including the page that your banner ad is on. 

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to add and delete pages from AromaWeb as it sees fit. AromaWeb will ensure that your campaign is not negatively effected.

AromaWeb, LLC reserves the right to add additional client sidebar banner advertising positions underneath its current positions.

As there are many factors outside of AromaWeb's control that affect your sales results (i.e. the promotional pull of your supplied banner), AromaWeb, LLC cannot guarantee the success of your specific promotion, amount of traffic going to your Web site based on your promotion, the number of inquiries that you receive based on your promotion or the amount of sales generated based on your promotion. 

By procuring advertising on AromaWeb, you agree to receive occasional e-mail newsletters devoted to providing information of importance to AromaWeb's valued advertisers. You are welcome to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time (easy unsubscription information is provided within each newsletter).

AromaWeb is hosted by an outside hosting company. Although AromaWeb has a magnificent record of uptime, there may be periods where AromaWeb may not be available due to server maintenance, server upgrades, network problems with the Internet in general, etc. It is unfortunate but normal that Web sites do go down from time to time or are inaccessible for a variety of reasons. AromaWeb has included these occurrences in the pricing model for banner advertisements. As such, AromaWeb cannot offer refunds or discounts due to such downtimes. In the unlikely event that AromaWeb is down for a longer-than-reasonable period of time, AromaWeb will extend your advertising term accordingly. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Even if your payment is received without being accompanied by the banner advertisement order confirmation form, or your signature on the form is missing, your payment indicates your full agreement to all the policies above and any stated within e-mail messages. Receipt of your payment also indicates your full agreement to the term(s) and other details set forth on this page, and any additional terms set forth in e-mail messages or on the banner advertising order confirmation form.

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