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American College of Healthcare Sciences
Study aromatherapy, herbs, spa management, nutrition & more. Online, mobile-friendly, DEAC-accredited. Programs include natural product-making & MS in Aromatherapy. AIA & NAHA recognized programs. On-demand wellness CE library at http://achs.edu/ce.

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AromaWeb is Now Mobile Friendly!

AromaWeb is Now a Mobile Friendly Essential Oil Web Site!

After extensive planning and implementation, I'm thrilled to launch a redesigned version of AromaWeb. The changes will make AromaWeb much more user friendly on devices ranging from small mobile devices all the way up to large monitors and televisions.

AromaWeb is almost 21 years old now. I think this is the tenth time that I've redesigned AromaWeb during its history. Whew! :) This, however, was by far the most difficult and time consuming redesign as it required singificantly more planning, coding, testing and coordinating the transition with AromaWeb's valued advertisers.

I am so thankful to AromaWeb's amazing banner advertisers for their understanding and enthusiasm during this transition.

The core structure of AromaWeb remains pretty much the same, and the address (URL) for each page remains the same. However, you'll notice that the dual sidebars appearing on all pages have been eliminated. Banner advertising has been streamlined and now only appears on the righthand side of your screen (or responsively, underneath the content for smaller devices) for the primary content sections of AromaWeb.

I'll be continuing to test AromaWeb to ensure there are no broken links or odd glitches. If you spot any issues, please let me know. Thanks!

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