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Introduction to Blending Essential Oils

Essential Oil Blending Equipment

Creating your own personal essential oil blends is one of the most satisfying aspects of aromatherapy. Blends can be created for the sheer aromatic pleasure of the blend and are suitable for personal or room fragrancing.

Essential oil blends can also be created for specific therapeutic purposes like easing aching muscles, minimizing the occurrence of acne, reducing winter “blahs” and so on.

Explore the world of blending essential oils by reading the below articles:

Aromatherapy Blending Guide:

Part 1: Introduction to Blending Essential Oils
Part 2: Aromatic Blending of Essential Oils
Part 3: Formulating Masculine/Earthy Aromatherapy Blends
Part 4: Therapeutic Blending of Essential Oils
Part 5: Working With and Blending Thick Aromatic Oils
Part 6: How to Substitute Essential Oils in Aromatherapy Recipes and Blends

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