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> Aromatherapy and Astrology

Aromatherapy and Astrology

ZodiacI am not personally called to integrate astrology into my personal beliefs or lifestyle, so I am not an expert in the field of astronomy. I had been asked multiple times by AromaWeb visitors to provide information about aromatherapy and astrology, and this article is my attempt at doing so. If you hold interest in aromatherapy and its use with astrology, please look to the books mentioned below.

In many cases, our personal characteristics can be directly correlated to our physical health. For instance, those that are constant worriers are more prone to heart and digestive issues. Taking it a step further, I can certainly see how it can be said that the common characteristics shared by those with the same astrological sign can potentially lead to similar emotional and physical health challenges.

Aromatherapy and astrology are two fields that aren't considered closely connected. You, however, can potentially integrate the benefits of aromatherapy into what you know about yourself and your loved ones through your insight into astrology. For instance, by researching and understanding the common traits associated with your astrological sign, you can understand some of the positive attributes as well as the challenges that you may face. You can then look to aromatherapy and essential oils to help you nuture your positives and help you towards overcoming your challenging personality traits and physical health issues.

For a detailed introduction into astrology, I recommend Astrological Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis. Another charming book that extends its coverage into other holistic modalities is Planetary Apothecary by Stephanie Gailing.

Listed below are each of the twelve signs of the zodiac followed by the personality characters for each of the signs - to help promote Stephanie Gailing's book Planetary Apothecary, I am listing the characteristics that she presents in the book. Also shown are the "Signature Oils" for each sign as presented by Patricia Davis in Astrological Aromatherapy.

In addition to the "Essential Oil of Choice" listed below for each astrological sign, you can also benefit from considering use of other essential oils known to help enhance or combat a specific trait. For instance, Arians are said to have hot tempers. You can look to AromaWeb's Aromatherapy Recipes to Combat Anger for calming oils tailored to help with anger.



January 20-February 18
Aquarius Characteristics1: Cerebral, Altruistic, Egalitarian, Friendly, Philanthropic, Eccentric, Perceptive, Detached, Innovative, Progressive, Rebellious, Independent
Essential Oil of Choice for Aquarius2: Neroli


February 19-March 20
Pisces Characteristics1: Empathetic, Idealistic, Psychic, Selfless, Poetic, Absentminded, Spiritual, Impressionable, Forgiving, Addiction Prone, Imaginative, Romantic
Essential Oil of Choice for Pisces2: Melissa


March 21-April 19
Aries Characteristics1: Willful, Enterprising, Assertive, Pioneering, Energetic, Impulsive, Impatient, Brave, Carefree, Hot-tempered, Direct, Individualistic
Essential Oil of Choice for Aries2: Rosemary


April 20-May 20
Taurus Characteristics1: Sensual, Grounded, Patient, Steadfast, Stubborn, Predictable, Creative, Self-indulgent, Practical, Kindhearted, Serene, Security Oriented
Essential Oil of Choice for Taurus2: Rose


May 21-June 21
Gemini Characteristics1: Curious, Dual-natured, Talkative, Adaptable, Quick-witted, Youthful, Mercurial, Fickle, Cunning, Spontaneous, Observant, Informative
Essential Oil of Choice for Gemini2: Basil


June 22-July 22
Cancer Characteristics1: Nurturing, Sensitive, Hospitable, Sympathetic, Indirect, Defensive, Nostalgic, Protective, Moody, Traditional, Unpredictable, Sentimental
Essential Oil of Choice for Cancer2: Blue Chamomile


July 23-August 22
Leo Characteristics1: Self-expressive, Magnanimous, Proud, Self-focused, Faithful, Forthright, Charismatic, Courageous, Cheerful, Dignified, Winsome, Dramatic
Essential Oil of Choice for Leo2: Jasmine


August 23-September 22
Virgo Characteristics1: Analytical, Skeptical, Productive, Perfectionistic, Detailed, Rational, Critical, Methodical, Anxious, Insightful, Obsessive, Service Oriented
Essential Oil of Choice for Virgo2: Lavender


September 23-October 22
Libra Characteristics1: Diplomatic, Poised, Equitable, Judicious, Indecisive, Sociable, Stylish, Strong Willed, Charming, Orderly, Gracious, Frivolous
Essential Oil of Choice for Libra2: Geranium


October 23 - November 21
Scorpio Characteristics1: Passionate, Forceful, Intense, Determined, Brooding, Resilient, Probing, Regenerative, Emotional, Combative, Resourceful, Secretive
Essential Oil of Choice for Scorpio2: Patchouli


November 22-December 21
Sagittarius Characteristics1: Adventurous, Optimistic, Versatile, Zealous, Moral, Wise, Exuberant, Jovial, Capricious, Dogmatic, Philosophical, Inspired
Essential Oil of Choice for Sagittarius2: Black Pepper


December 22-January 19
Capricorn Characteristics1: Loyal, Hardworking, Pragmatic, Structured, Ambitious, Classy, Frugal, Disciplined, Committed, Persistent, Sarcastic, Conservative
Essential Oil of Choice for Capricorn2: Vetivert

: Stephanie Gailing, Planetary Apothecary (Berkeley, CA: Crossing Press, 2009).
2: Patricia Davis, Astrological Aromatherapy (UK: Random House, 2004).

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