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New Directions Aromatics Inc.
At New Directions Aromatics Inc., our mission has always remained the same: to supply the finest, purest, natural Essential Oils and Raw Materials at market leading wholesale prices. We are USDA Organic, Vegan, Kosher and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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What is AromaWeb's Target Audience?

Reaching the Target

AromaWeb introduces aromatherapy to thousands upon thousands of visitors each year - consumers who are eager to learn more about aromatherapy through AromaWeb's Article Archives area, learn about the properties of each oil through the Essential Oil and Carrier Oil Profile areas, discover where to purchase quality essential oils and aromatherapy products via the Global Business Plaza and Local Business Plaza, learn how to make their own aromatic blends and recipes via the Recipe Box area, find books to provide more detailed information within the Book Shelf area, and learn where to obtain more formal education via the School and Educator Directory.

Not only is AromaWeb an indispensable, free, information-rich resource for new and intermediate aromatherapy users, AromaWeb's Categorized Global Aromatherapy Business Directory, Regional Business Directory, School and Educator Directory, many helpful Articles, vast Hydrosol, Essential Oil and Carrier Oil Profile areas, Recipe Box area, Book Shelf area, Aromatherapy Resources and Links, and other areas keep aromatherapy professionals — including aromatherapy educators, service professionals, retailers and wholesalers — visiting again and again.

International Visitors


Based in the United States, AromaWeb attracts visitors from around the globe. Most visitors reside in the United States. The majority of other visitors reside in the English speaking nations of UK, Canada and Australia followed next by Spain, France, China, South Africa and India.

AromaWeb has been serving advertisers based outside the United States since it began accepting advertising.

AromaWeb has enjoyed solid advertising relationships with advertisers from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ecuador, India, South Africa, amongst others.

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